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29 Feb Accretion-Dilution Analysis for Mergers and Acquisitions

All-too-often proposed acquisitions are consummated without determining whether the combination of the two entities would create synergies (be accretive) or create a decrease in overall Earnings Per Share (i.e. dilutive). An accretive-dilutive analysis for a merger or an acquisition is best simplified by asking the...

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25 Feb Buy-Sell Agreement Structuring: Redemption vs. Cross-Purchase Approach Trade-Offs

When a corporation purchases the stock of a departing shareholder, it’s called a “redemption.” When the other stockholders purchase the stock, it’s called a cross-purchase. Typically, the redemption versus cross-purchase decision doesn’t impact the ultimate control results. The remaining shareholders end up with the same...

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18 Feb A Few Things I Have Learned From Failed Deals

I am  a big fan of deal postmortems--the time you take to assess what went right, what went wrong and how you would do things differently if you had to do it all over again. With each done deal, volumes can be gleaned as educational...

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