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InvestmentBank.com has a proven track record of reliable and strategic advisory services which have facilitated growth in a broad range of technology industries. We are proud to have a team of professionals that have been cumulatively involved in the most cutting edge industry transforming business ventures worldwide. Our experience spans the areas of financial technology, healthcare IT, semiconductor and electronics, software, technology enabled services and cleantech. We have also gained experience in adjacent sectors of media & digital media, consumer & retail, communications, industrials technology and healthcare.

Our team understands the intricacy of each industry and the need for critical service components for expansion and operation as we recognize that all industries do not have infinite scalability such as mobile and software. We have worked across a multitude of subsectors in these industries and our understanding of the situation is absolute. Areas we have excelled within include marketing and information services, professional and It services, BPO services, facilities -services and customer care. We have advised in recent years over an aggregate transaction value of over $15 billion. Our team knows how to leverage our significant transaction experience, broad network of strategic and financial relationships in the US and internationally as well as our deep domain expertise across multiple business service sub-sectors. Our bankers have over 50 years of combined insight serving clients ranging from massive industry leaders to emerging innovators.



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