Our Services


Expert buy and sell-side merger and acquisition advisory services for middle-market business owners.


Asset valuation, sale & divestiture services for companies looking to refocus on a core line of business or market.


Technology-driven capital raising for private companies facilitated through both Regulation D and Regulation A+.


Initial, direct and alternative public offering services for companies looking to raise public capital.


Company valuation and fairness opinions for everything from venture-backed 409(a) to public companies.


Strategy and business plan consulting for everything from startups to Fortune 1000 public companies.


A full service investment bank providing capital advisory across the middle-market.

Throughout our representation, we’re fiercely dedicated to the successful outcome of our clients’ objectives. By working with our team of network professionals, we are able to provide clients with the ongoing support and assistance from the initial engagement to final liquid divestment.

Across nearly three decades of M&A experience, we’ve developed a proven, repeatable process for delivering results that align with shareholder expectations and ultimately enhance value in the final payout. Our process includes the following key steps:

The goal behind any exceptional and professional merger or acquisition is to maximize value. Doing so requires a team accustomed to working within your specific industry and with the experience to get a deal done within your terms. Our network of professionals is our number one asset. Our firm prides itself in the ability to work with our partners and clients to provide outlasting results in M&A.

A general outline of our sell-side process follows below.

  • Business Valuation & Initial Client Engagement 
  • Pitchbook & Deal Positioning 
  • Buyer Selection & Outreach 
  • Advanced Negotiation & Value Enhancement 
  • Due Diligence & Deal Closure 


The final successful outcome of your transaction will be due–in part–to a combination of the aforementioned, pivotal components. Once we’re engaged, we work quickly to provide the expert direction to take the deal where it ultimately can and should go. Even if you won’t be ready to begin the process for some time, it’s well worth an initial discussion. Click on the following link for more detailed information on our sell-side M&A process.


A combination of the right human and financial capital for business success.

We consult at all three phases of the business life-cycle: Start-up, Growth & Exit. That includes finance, marketing and operations across all three phases.

Top-line revenue growth. Bottom-line profit efficiency. Harvest. Repeat.

Once the business has grown the top-line and eradicated its inefficiencies, we approach a harvest plan that’s right for the company. This could mean anything from private M&A to going public. That all depends on how our services fit within the strategy of your business.

We’re not real estate brokers. We don’t put a price on any company. We bring multiple strategic buyers to the table, throw the chum in the water and wait for the feeding frenzy. In short, we inflate demand to maximize the liquidity event.

Over years of performing these services for similar clients, we’ve amassed a highly technical team of experts in finance, accounting, sales, marketing and operations to perform a thorough process across the value-chain of your business. We specialize in a number of industries, but like to play in tech and growth–that’s where the scale is most easily and rapidly reached.

Far-reaching corporate success requires the insight of seasoned and knowledgeable professionals. Delivering success quickly requires expertise and a reputable network of business partners. At Deal Capital, we harness a tailored approach to marketing and financial consulting that delivers unparalleled results for our clients.

We begin client engagement with thorough due diligence of our client’s market, industry and business, assessing the company in terms of strategic fit within the broader ecosystem. We then outline specific executable recommendations for taking the business from start, to growth and eventual business exit.

Our approach could never be labeled as a “cookie-cutter” methodology. We enhance value to each client engagement through tailored objectives along with actionable results. The ultimate outcome of each client engagement is bench-marked vis-a-vis predetermined client goals and a thorough eye on staying within scheduled parameters.

How your campaign, project, transition or transaction ultimately turn-out will be, in large measure, determined by the team in which you engage. We provide the expert engagement services to bring efficient and timely success to your enterprise.


Growth Capital

Private & public offerings through alternative methods, including crowdfunding.


Sell-Side M&A

Sell-side mergers & acquisitions for long-standing business owners.


Buy-Side M&A

Buy-side M&A for sourcing proprietary ``not for sale`` companies.


Financial Consulting

External financial consulting solutions, facilitating growth prior to exit.