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Maximizing business seller value among strategic buyers.

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Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions

An advanced M&A process for selling your business.

Entrepreneurial Exits can represent the great “harvest” of one’s life work. While the process can be an emotional roller coaster, it can also be an exciting time as you close one chapter and look to the next. When it comes time to sell, having the right advisor by your side is critical to maximizing the value of a business that may have taken a lifetime to build.

We work with Owners/Founders/CEO’s of privately held middle-market companies in the sale of their businesses. By implementing a rigorous technology enhanced process we help our client’s maximize value across the numerous industries and verticals we have transacted in. Whether you are pursuing a sale to a family member, partner/management buyout, strategic/financial acquirer, or as part of a planned exit strategy our experienced advisors will work with you hand-in-hand to accomplish your goals.

The divestiture of a business should be a well thought-out and planned process, which is why we spend a significant amount of time upfront to really understand your organization and motivation to sell. We get involved in the process as early as possible so that we can help you strategize and explore your transaction options, whether it be in 90-days or in a 2-years we are here to assist when the time is right.

Our value-add Sell-Side M&A services mean we take a holistic approach when assisting our clients achieve their financial goals, which entails a comprehensive and technology driven process typically involving:

  • Strategizing and advising on maximizing business value and market timing;
  • Formulating a high-level business valuation for internal discussions;
  • Creating executive summaries, pitch decks, or marketing materials as needed;
  • Developing a targeted prospective buyer list and custom CRM for outreach;
  • Running broad process to present business opportunity to interested acquirers;
  • Managing, tracking, and reporting all communications with potential buyers;
  • Establishing virtual data room and overseeing the due diligence process;
  • Negotiating with buyers on structure, timing, pricing, and conditional terms;
  • Facilitating interaction with third party advisors and closing of a transaction

Our Deal Parameters

$10mm Revenue+
$1mm EBITDA+
All Industries & Verticals
Minority/Majority/100% Sales

  • Valuation & Initial Engagement

    Understanding business value and strategic positioning within the relevant market of the business is paramount to a successful deal closing. We work with owners and their accountants to formulate a business valuation based on relevant comparables and industry multiples that best match your specific industry niche. We then discuss target prices based on least and most likely M&A scenarios. Initial engagements can include mock due diligence and vetting of the company by the advisor. The company and its shareholders will also perform thorough due diligence and reference checks on the representing agents to the transaction to ensure their business is properly represented from beginning to end.
  • Offering Memo & Deal Positioning

    Once the client has engaged us for M&A consulting, we work directly with business sellers to formulate what is often referred to as the “Picthbook,” “the book,” “Confidential Marketing Memorandum (CMM)” or “Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM).” The creation of the book is a crucial component in the deal-making process as it represents the most comprehensive description of all the business has to offer a potential buyer. It should include everything from employees to financials to future opportunities for growth and expansion. Your Confidential Offering Memo is the business plan of your business exit. It is what investors in your company as a “going concern” will want to see before they will even consider investing. It provides all the relevant operational, marketing and financial information about your business. It will include information on assets, including tangible and intangible property, liabilities, cash flows, major customers, key employees, general market analysis and trends and reasons for selling. Drafting an offering memo early is also helpful because in the end, it may just require a few simple tweaks so as to conform to the changes in the business. When it comes time to prepare to sell your business by drafting a marketing memorandum, give us a call.
  • Buyer Selection & Outreach

    Unlike blanketing a “business for sale” sign, we perform two crucial steps at this juncture of the process. First, we formulate a short-list of potential strategic acquirers–those willing to pay the most in an M&A scenario. We combine the strategic short list with a broad list of other financial investors as well. This list will be approved by all shareholders to the seller. Once this list is approved and “the book” is completed, the business will be promoted to potential strategic & financial buyers in a “blind” fashion. Doing so helps to maintain confidentiality for the seller and ensures no current or future operations of the business are disrupted by the attempt at a business sale. Most business buyers can be boiled-down into two distinct groups: financial buyers and strategic buyers. Financial buyers only look at the numbers. They’re strictly interested in returns (ROE, ROA, etc.). The only thing they want is for the money they infuse to bring back more money. They’re not as concerned with strategic matters. A strategic buyer on the other hand has a greater motivation to buy the business. Most strategic buyers are willing to pay more, especially if key synergies exist between the seller and the acquirer. Direct confidential outreach is then followed by expert negotiations.
  • Negotiation & Value Enhancement

    Expert negotiations are the key sticking point between advisors that get a deal done and those that exceed expectations in M&A. Our process includes bringing multiple buyers to the table in a value-enhancing auction scenario where the buyer who matches the sellers criteria for fit and price ultimately wins the deal. This can be a delicate process and requires the support of experienced negotiators with the ability to enhance value when it’s needed most: in the final sale of the company.
  • Due Diligence & Closing

    Once we determine a winner to the strategic auction for the company, we work quickly to ensure due diligence and deal closure are completed shortly thereafter–preferably between 30 and 90 days after a Letter of Intent for acquisition has been executed by all parties to the deal.

Delivering Enhanced Value Through Strategic Auctions

The path to selling your business is often a strategic one. Of necessity, it involves working with various stakeholders to ensure the business is actually ready to be sold. In most cases the sale of a business is and should be a well-planned process. It not only involves M&A advisors, broker dealers and real estate brokers, but should also include the assistance of insurance reps, attorneys and tax and estate planners.

In essence, the sale of your business is a process steeped in principles of project management. To succeed, start early in the process, speaking with all key players including your investment banker. By starting the process early, it can mean preparedness avails itself in the event that a buyer comes early, but it can also mean you get your timing right when the general market forces provide a perfect storm.

Most importantly, there are certain key components of doing a deal that will need buttoned-up before you begin the process. Buyout-ready life insurance and estate plan issues are all components that should be visited early and often.

Sell-Side M&A Fees

We provide clients with a simple fee-structure for selling their business
Our active sell-side client engagements include a recurring monthly engagement fee. We do not take large up-front retainers or engagements. Smaller monthly amounts ensure we are aligned in goals and it creates accountability for us as the investment bankers to deliver and keep delivering.
The majority of our fees are contingency-based. That is, we are paid at the time a business sale occurs. We pride ourselves on creating fee structures that align our goals with those of our clients. Throughout the term of a company sale process, we work with our clients to ensure value maximization is had in the sale of the business.
Any pre-approved, out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed by the client during the length of the engagement. Examples might include pre-approved travel, management meeting expenses, etc.

How Our Process Delivers Value

Expert M&A Support

Our team is fully engaged with our clients, from initial engagement to final liquid divestment. Our extensive experience supporting sellside clients has helped us to develop unique yet proven methods to increase the value of a business.

This includes relying on our team of experts within the worlds of finance, accounting, sales, marketing, and operations to conduct a thorough analysis of your business. We then actively source multiple buyers, whom we engage in a competitive process aimed at increasing your return.

We’ll work closely with you to negotiate a successful transaction, all while ensuring your confidentiality is never compromised. Our goal is to ensure a successful sale while simultaneously helping our clients enjoy the highest possible value for their company.

The stipulations associated with a business sale very from individual to individual. Regardless of whether your primary goal is to sell to a buyer who’ll continue the ideals you’ve established, or to achieve the best possible results to benefit shareholders, will use our vast resources to target the perfect candidate for your transition, and will work closely with you to close the deal.

Not sure if it’s the right time to sell? We also offer support and guidance – built on factual data and analysis – to help you determine the best time for you to exit your company.

When it comes time to divest your company interests, giving you the freedom to move to other areas, there are countless details inherent in the process that require the help of knowledgeable professionals. Starting the process can be time consuming and drawn-out, especially if you are looking to receive the highest return possible. Many privately-held companies are attached to the owners and founders by a special bond. Those who have helped to make them what they are today sometimes don’t initially realize the emotional aspects of completing the deal. While the process of handing over the business to the succeeding generation can be a difficult and often emotional challenge, we work with you to ensure you are able to make the transition as smooth as possible.

In addition, there are often aspects to selling your business which could make the deal a bit more complicated. For instance, sometimes the deal could involve real estate or another type of account.

We are an investment banking firm focused on providing strategic advice and transaction services to owners of middle-market companies. Whether you are looking for outstanding results in a succession planning exit, or finding strategic buyers for healthy, rapidly growing companies seeking a partner to provide scale, we find that right buyer.

We craft the presentation materials that capture the value of the asset you have grown. We uncover and communicate the value creation potential for the strategic buyers we target. Then we get back to the basics. We target a large number of of strategic and financial buyers. As the process unfolds, we get several buyers to compete. This buyer competition produces the highest and best value the market has to offer.

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