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Equity & debt solutions for business & real estate

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A myriad of options exist for private and public equity investment, particularly for growing and profitable companies. Private equity groups, family offices and other sophisticated institutional investors can provide majority or minority capital interest for the right target business. We help ensure both issuer and investor receive mutually-beneficial deal terms.


We provide clear solutions for senior, subordinated, mezzanine and other forms of asset-based lending for clients seeking a solution for their corporate debt financing needs. In typical fashion, most deals include some mix of both debt and equity. We work with lenders and issuers to help source the right mix of both at the best possible terms to our client companies.


Mezzanine, venture, unitranche and other subordinated debt structures are used often in financing corporate growth, recaps and acquisitions. Alternative, non-dilutive debt is particularly helpful in balance sheet-light businesses where owners do not wish to surrender equity. We assist in securing the right mix of non-bank, secondary and tertiary debt solutions to finance your company’s next phase of growth.


Additional alternative capital structures exist for companies seeking solutions to their corporate financing needs. These can include debt & equity crowdfunding, cryptocurrency/tokens and ESOPs that can be combined with debt and other specialized asset lease-back structures. We provide solutions across the value chain for financing growth toward a meaningful liquid exit.

Deal Parameters

No Pre-Revenue Startups


$5mm min for equity


$10mm min for debt


Revenue min of $3mm


EBITDA min of $1mm


Institutional Investment Focus

pillar small 1
pillar small 2

Financing Options

  • Private & Public Equity
  • Preferred Stock
  • Growth Equity Financings
  • Private Equity Recapitalizations
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Cryptocurrency & Token Offerings
  • Venture Debt & Equity
  • Senior Bank Loans
  • Asset Based Loans
  • Equipment Financing
  • Government Guaranteed Debt
  • Unitranche Financings
  • Mezzanine and Subordinated Debt
  • ESOP Financings

We are a team of management experts branching across a range of various industries including energy, advertising, finance & technology. Each professional on our team has years of experience in his/her chosen field and comes well-equipped and highly-capable to fit your particular needs. Our capital raising services include requisition of equity, senior debt, unitranche debt & subordinated debt.

The combined use of our tacit knowledge allows us to leverage technology in exciting new ways through multivariate testing of our action effectiveness to get you the targeted and efficient results you demand. For those particularly crucial projects, our team brings a myriad of on-the-job know-how and technical expertise to help engage your customers with products and services, driving measurable, actionable results–guaranteed.

We understand that obtaining a reasonable return on your investment is best achieved through proper strategy combined with consistent and thoughtful execution.

In short, we are a group of corporate management consultants dedicated to specialization within a number of key niches. We consult for growth, we consult for efficiency, we consult for exit.

Your Second Financial Arm

We focus on financial execution, enabling our clients to focus on what matters most.

We’re committed to the long-term viability and success of our clients. We know each client is unique, with individual needs and goals, and we use our focused expertise in finance and business strategy to help every client meet–and exceed–their expectations.

Capital Advisory Services

Covering financial services designed to buffer and support business growth, we specialize in supporting the development of emerging businesses seeking their first or second round of capital as well as middle market ventures looking for additional financing from private equity funds and firms and venture capital.

Our teams commonly serve as limited scope Directors, CFOs, or VPs of Finance to the business or venture client looking to raise capital. We work with our clients to develop a targeted campaign that includes:

  1. Reviewing and, if necessary, refinement of financing plans;
  2. Identification of accredited investors;
  3. Accredited investor targeting; and
  4. Closing support

Management Consulting

Our expert team offers hands-on services designed to support and promote great ideas, whether from a single entrepreneur or an amalgamation of thoughts from a company’s board of directors, including preparation and review of various documents, including executive summaries, business plans, articles of incorporation, and operating agreements as well as preparation and review of interesting, engaging presentation materials such as PowerPoint displays.

Our combined expertise ensures we reduce the risks that come from raising capital through seeking out investors, because we understand how to reassure and engage all parties so that an agreement benefiting everyone is reached.

  • Entity selection and structuring;
  • Portfolio analysis;
  • Tax and accounting issues; and
  • Review of terms sheets and investment agreements.

Client Committed

Every day, we renew our promise to all of our clients to offer top quality financial and business services that give them their best possible outcome, regardless of individual need. We want our customers to look at us as an ally, as a valuable resource, in today’s competitive business ecosystem.Customer service is our top priority. With a full spectrum of services available, ranging from capital advising to handling mergers and acquisitions to developing investment packages, we are poised to offer every single client sound, reliable services that produce proven results.We do the hard financial work for our clients, focusing on the important details so that they can put their focus where it should be: on growing their businesses.

And every business has its own story, its own unique challenges. There is an important distinction  between a good idea and a viable business strategy. We know that long-term companies that stay in business take advantage of identifiable demand, competitive differentiation, and effective business and financial strategies.Likewise, quick-growth business successes in any industry looking to exit the market and make a profit need to first make solid preparations and plans based on sound business practices.

We stand with clients through every phase of growth and development, helping to create the momentum that will ensure our clients’ success, whatever their goals may be. Our advisory services are especially geared toward new business ventures and emerging middle market enterprises. Whether it is capital advising, mergers and acquisitions services, management consulting, or a combination of any of these services, we stand ready to partner with our clients to produce outstanding results.

With superior business and financial expertise coupled with a network of international investors who trust us to advise them on sound practices and possibilities and who are interested in a wide range of industries and endeavors.Our clients rely on our collective know-how to deliver proven results on every deal.