The going public process often requires the unique and specialized assistance of dozens of knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals. No two deals are ever completely alike and individual adaptation is regularly used in assisting the unique needs brought by clients and their respective companies. Our affiliate partner program provides a means for using relationships for maximizing the possibility of successful outcomes.


Our partners maintain access to our growing database of thousands of industry buyers, sellers and everyone in between. The right partners will find our affiliate relationship highly fulfilling and extremely lucrative. We maintain our affiliate program to help ourselves and our affiliates in increasing the quality and quantity of our dealflow. As with any such program, we adhere to the mantra that revenue generation is tied directly to disciplined management and that without dedicated incentives, affiliate programs can quickly turn to a costly time-consuming exercise devoid of the desired incremental revenue.


As an industry leader in reverse mergers, self-filings and alternative public offerings, we pair sophisticated marketing and long-term networking as our primary strategy for driving success with our partners. We also maintain a high level of customization with affiliate relations, ensuring each partner receives the attention, brand awareness and support deserved by any industry professional.


We’re always interested in forming ethical, productive and lasting partnerships with the following types of organizations:


  • Shell corporation owners
  • Broker-dealers and market makers
  • Transfer agents
  • Securities attorneys
  • Compliance officers and reputable CPA firms
  • Shell promoters
  • General industry consultants
  • Debt & equity financiers
  • Qualified individual investors
  • Institutional hedge venture and private equity groups

It is thanks to our long-standing affiliates and partners that we are able to facilitate some of our most effective deal-sourcing activities. Our partners also receive several additional benefits for deciding to be included in our partner program including direct access to our regular email marketing campaigns, links on the ReverseMergers.com website and opportunities for working on future deals together with ReverseMergers.com and its team. We’re always interested in having a discussion on how a partnership with your firm can be mutually beneficial to both of our firms. Contact us to learn more.