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We help private companies get access to the public capital markets.


Accessing capital is one of the most important components for growing enterprises with promising technology and management. We assist in making this process easier by providing public liquidity for private business. Contact us for more information on how our expert solutions can fit your business needs.

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  • Going Public consulting services
  • DTC Eligibility
  • SEC EDGAR Filings
  • Direct filings
  • Business Financing
  • Private Placement Memorandums
  • Business planning
  • Form 15c2-11 preparation and filing
  • SEC compliance
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Registration statement and disclosures

Consummating a reverse merger provides an alternative way for companies to “go public” by utilizing an existing public company as the vehicle to fold in a private entity or specified assets. Through our team of seasoned professionals and a network of expert corporate and financial partners, we deliver highly specialized solutions for taking your business to the next level.


There are a myriad of reasons why a company may consider public status. Perhaps the strongest motivator is that it provides an “exit strategy” for investors. Without 51% ownership in any company, investors give up control and the liquidity that can come from making transaction decisions. Owners and management may never provide the investor with an exit strategy: a means of making a profit or even breaking even. If the stock trades on a public exchange, however, investors are free to buy and sell stock as they deem necessary. Being public offers investors a real strategy for exiting an investment, significantly improving the company’s chance of raising capital.


Another reason a company might consider “going public” is that by structuring the company for eventual tradability, the value of the company itself increases. Should the initial business operation not work out as planned, there may still be value for investors including the company founders, because of the attraction provided by a business structured for the public markets.


Going public by a reverse merger also offers a viable alternative to onerous venture capital, can be a means of using stock as a bartering tool in M&A and provides a good incentive for talent acquisition using stock options. Numerous other benefits are available to private companies seeking to gain access to a public exchange. It’s much less expensive than most people think. Contact us today to find out more.