IT Consulting

Devoid of their IT systems a large number of departments can no longer operate. IT systems and the required solutions and support are already at a stage of being necessities. IT heads, operating under a background of high-stress and apprehension are grappling with problems as well as prospects in search of solutions to address issues, like:

• How to make the most out of the existing technology assets?
• Is there sufficient protection of company information and networks with the existing systems and security guidelines?
• How will IT introduce and fully maximize new technology throughout the company?
What is the impact of more stringent regulatory and accountability laws on IT and how should it be dealt with?
Managers can get help from XY Consulting find answers to these and other issues for optimal operation of the IT department in a cost effective manner while fulfilling needs of internal clients quickly and effectively. Included in our Strategic IT Services are:
Business Architecture and Strategic Information Systems Planning
XY Consulting provides fast and cost efficient conveyance of appropriate IT solutions required and important to your business customers. We offer a sound base for you to develop with our tested tools and processes that aid you in allying business strategy and IT, and create realistic business architectures that contain maintenance and development expenses at lowest possible levels. We assist businesses reach their goals and objectives through proper evaluation of programs and give quantifiable results by delivering realistic solutions.

IT Operational Effectiveness
While IT solutions, services and systems, are becoming an essential in business, budgetary constraints confront numerous IT departments balancing the dual objective of enhanced efficiency and scalability while lowering costs. Take advantage of our tested and seasoned best practices and methodologies like Agile, CMM, RUP, and ITIL and improve you interactions with business customers through lower IT expenses and enhanced IT operational efficiency. XY Consulting can help you create and execute new systems and procedures that allow the IT department to function at a higher level of efficiency and cost effectiveness. To help you distinguish fact from fiction we provide trends and new technology briefing conferences and to discover how enhancements can be created and efficiencies realized we evaluate present operations, organizations, architectures and projects.

Technology and Software Choice
It takes time to choose a software mergers and acquisitions solution, service providers, and new technology; it can be difficult. The effects and costs of making the wrong choice can be very severe, this is coupled with the increasing level of difficulty in knowing what is really right for your business and what is being offered. We provide objective, impartial technology and software choice services to assist you determine your choice confidently and rapidly. Take advantage of our tested, seasoned and compliant procedure to pinpoint the ideal candidates and choose the appropriate counterpart to your business or the ideal solution.