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The InvestmentBank.com Deal Platform provides the most complete and integrated deal management solution available. Built on a programmable cloud-based platform, our advanced CRM gives dealmakers an end-to-end solution for sourcing, managing, closing and integrating the most complex and sizable capital transactions. For investors, companies and intermediaries operating in the private capital markets, a run-of-the-mill Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution simply will not do.

Our Deal Management Platform was developed by experienced investment bankers and deal management professionals with a keen eye on the deal-specific needs of today’s dealmaker. The extendable technology is meant to enhance, automate and streamline deal origination, processes and management. Our M&A CRM is nothing but generic. It was built by investment bankers for other deal and industry professionals. The unique needs of investors, intermediaries and other deal professionals are integrated into a single platform, allowing all parties to avoid the use of multiple disparate systems to perform the complex tasks inherent in private capital transactions.

With a broad range of features, our CRM supports varied types of capital transactions

  • Source, track, manage, report and close more deals, more efficiently across industry verticals with a single seamless deal platform
  • By integrating our CRM with advanced virtual data room capabilities, each deal maker can manage due diligence, research and other deal activities from a single dashboard with mobile application integration
  • Workflow gadgets allow for more efficient supervisory of FINRA Registered Reps while maintaining complete SRO compliance and archiving of all data
  • Automate, sequence, monitor and track all inbound and outbound email communication with our integrated marketing automation tools
  • Track deal processes from individual contacts within the CRM for more efficient deal management with our combined project manager tool
  • Advanced groups, tagging and search functionality allow for better investor, target and intermediary contact management within the system

Compliant. Secure. Customized

As a Microsoft Azure Partner all processes, documentation and sites are hosted, securely within Microsoft’s private cloud infrastructure, with full adherence to state and federal SRO compliance standards. All data recovery and back-up options including on-premise hosting to ensure data integrity is maintained for both internal and regulatory procedural processes.

Full platform customization is available for the most ambitious of partners, allowing you to effectively build a system that meets your firm’s specific deal management needs. With over 300 gadgets, the platform can scale and customize like no other available system in the market.

  • Outbound deal marketing, sourcing and origination
  • Deal pipeline management, documentation and accountability
  • Document tracking, uploading and accessibility
  • Portfolio team communication and advanced internal team management
  • Performance metrics and measurement initiatives
  • Investor, issuer and intermediary tracking, outreach and follow-up
  • Calendaring, task and assignment workflows
Deal CRM Capital Advisory

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Our M&A Process

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
for the middle market.
  • Strategic Planning

  • Assess Financial Readiness

  • Align M&A Criteria

  • Research Target Industry

  • Target List Building

  • Target Outreach

  • Engage Targets

  • Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Due Diligence

  • Closing

  • Target Integration