Business Plan Types and Pricing Options

Business Plan Menu Options and Pricing


We believe that we have the most transparent and customer friendly pricing strategy on the market.

For someone writing their first business plan, even for a simple small business, the process can take upwards of 100 hours of time. Often, it takes more than 200 hours. For complex business plans (business plans for unproven business models and undefined markets), the process can often take more than 400 hours. Because we have considerable experience and skill at writing plans, we estimate that, on average, that we can complete an average business plan (depending upon its type, audience and complexity) in the range of 30 to 120 hours.

The range between 30 and 120 hours depends upon three general factors that contribute to a business plan’s complexity. The first factor is whether the plan is for a new business or a business already in existence, The second factor is whether the business’s industry and market are well defined (for example: dry cleaners, dollar stores, organic vegetable farms, family restaurants…) or if the market or industry is new and untested. The third factor is who is the audience for the business plan: equity investors, debt lenders or the internal management of an existing business.

Note: unless your business idea is exploiting a new market or market niche, or offering customers a product or service that is radically different from what is currently offered to the market, then only on rare occasions will your business plan require longer than 70 hours to complete.

From three factors above, we can generally estimate the average number of hours the plan will take to complete, and therefore we can charge a base flat fee for the project. We Our base flat fee rates are the product of our estimated number of hours times our business plan writing hourly rate. For our business plan writing, we charge $75 per hour.

The business plans we produce fall into the following six general categories:

Type   of Business Plan

(based   upon the three descriptive factors above)

Business   Plan Hourly Rate

Estimated   Time Needed to Complete the Business Plan

Flat   Rate Fee

Type 1:New BusinessWell Defined Industry and MarketEquity Financing


30   hours


Type 2:New BusinessWell Defined Industry and MarketDebt (Loan) Financing


35   hours


Type 3:New BusinessUndefined or New Industry and MarketEither Debt or Equity Financing


110   hours


Type 4:Existing BusinessWell Defined Industry and MarketEquity Financing


60   hours


Type 5:Existing BusinessWell Defined Industry and MarketDebt (Loan) Financing


70   hours


Type 6:Existing BusinessUndefined or New Industry and MarketEither Debt or Equity Financing


120   hours



But often, due to unseen factors (a change in the business plan’s scope and direction), a plan may take longer than the anticipated range. Often project extensions occur when it becomes necessary to modify or change the focus of the business plan due to unforeseeable factors (i.e. new market research, assumptions are proven wrong, the founders choose to shift or expand the scope of the business…). So, if your business plan takes longer than the anticipated number of hours to produce, we will charge you at only $20 per hour beyond the original estimated time frame.

This ensures the following:

– By using our pricing formula (flat fee plus $20 per hour beyond the estimated project timeframe) versus using only a fixed billable hour rate, we mitigate any incentive to “run the meter” and unnecessarily inflate the price of your business plan. Our goal is to maximize our income per hour for each plan that we produce. Therefore, if we end up going beyond the project’s estimated timeframe, this means we will be working at a significant discount ($20 per hour after the end of the project’s initial timeframe estimate).

– We use our pricing formula also gives us some measure of protection against unforeseen changes to the project’s scope or direction. Creating a business plan is a dynamic process. Information discovered or uncovered during the plan writing process can change the focus, scope and goals of the project. Also, by charging a modest hourly rate beyond a predetermined period, helps to focus and frame exactly what you want in your business plan.

– Ultimately, our system encourages both you and us to remain disciplined, efficient and to maximize the value of each other’s time.

For example: You task us with writing a Type 1 business plan. The project takes 50 hours to complete because the scope changed in the middle of the project. Under these circumstances, the final price for the project would be the Type 1 business plan flat fee ($2,250) plus $20 per hour for every hour spent on the project over 30 hours (20 hours x $20/hour = $400). Therefore, the final complete price for the project would be $2,650 ($2,250 + $400 = $2,650).



  • One half (50%) of the project’s flat fee price is required to be paid up front.
  • 30% of the project flat fee is due upon completion of the business plan’s Executive Summary (the last plan component to be completed).
  • Upon completion of the business plan’s final draft and its approval by the client, the remaining 20% of the project’s flat fee is due plus any extra hourly charges if the project goes beyond its initially estimated time.