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Business Planning Services

We provide expert business planning solutions across the business lifecycle from startup to M&A

If you are planning to start, grow or sell a business, it is almost essential you have a plan of attack. A business plan is much more than a general list of things that you need to do. An effective plan focuses on short term and long-term business goals, with information that outlines how you intend to reach them. Your business plan will be one of the most valuable tools that you will use in building and growing your business.

Like the businesses themselves, business plans come in many types and forms. Oftentimes business owners and managers underestimate the effectiveness of a qualified business plan. Some mistakenly think business plans are only used in the venture capital world of start-up finance. This simply is not true. Enterprise planning is often required for anything from SBA lending and debt financing to internal planning and partnership qualification. Many find they regularly refer to a previously-written business plan to ensure they stay on track and under budget. In addition, business planning is often a fluid process with changes occurring mid-stream which means those best prepared have already done their homework and are prepared to pivot.

You will essentially create two plans. The first is known as the internal or initial start-up business plan. This plan includes your mission statement, product/service description, marketing plan and initial start-up goals. Most importantly, the initial plan will also include a market analysis. Performing research on the market helps both internal managers and potential external investors understand whether the business idea is viable and worth pursuing. If it is, the initial plan will morph into something suitable for angel investors, venture capitalists and private equity groups. Typically, your final secondary plan will incorporate the details in your initial start-up plan into a more finalized version ready for publication. BusinessPlanning.org assists throughout this entire process.

How your business plan is created is dependent on the audience for which it will be created. For example, if you will be seeking a business loan, you need to create business plan for bank loans. Conversely, if you are seeking investment capital in equity financing, you’ll most likely need a venture capital business plan. Regardless of the audience any typical business plan will generally include the following:

  • A description of your business and the products and/or services offered
  • A detailed description of the target market and how they will best be served
  • Information regarding the management team and key employees within the company
  • Detailed information about cash flow and financial analysis, budget and market penetration
  • An Executive Summary for a snapshot 30,000 foot view of all aspects of the business and how it will be successful
The best quality capital advisory services involve one part art and two parts science. Our team takes a rigorous approach to each client engagement, ensuring the very best possible outcome.

Preparing an expert business plan can be extremely time-consuming. While the process of mastering and completing your plan may be helpful in understanding the business dynamics, corporate strategy and overall financial and marketing model, it can take you away from operational support that is vital for day-to-day operations. That is where our business planning services come into play. We help business owners in crafting expert MBA-level business plans for internal management buy-in as well as external business funding needs.

Business Plans for Financing

Companies often create business plans to obtain financing from venture capitalists, private equity groups and angel investors. Your particular plan will be dependent on the industry you play in, the financing you are seeking to obtain and your overall strategy for execution. Finding the key strengths, knowing potential flaws and being conversant with competitive forces in the industry are only a few of the necessary components of your completed plan.

Regardless of whether you write the plan yourself or outsource it to one of the expert members of our qualified MBA team, it is helpful to have a second pair of eyes to edit and provide constructive feedback. You plan and pitch will help to make or break your financing efforts. Don’t skimp on quality.

Pro Forma Financial Plans

Being conversant in finance is certainly not a requirement to operate or be successful in business. Having great financials, including thoughtful projected and proforma financial statements is a must for any entrepreneur seeking funding or internal management buy-in. We help to craft properly-structured financial plans for your business using historical data and realistic assumptions.

Obtain financing for your business with an professionally crafted financial plan as part of your overall strategy.


Marketing Business Plan

Plans are great, but execution is the name of the game. Without a proper marketing plan coupled with flawless execution, your business may eventually disappear. We work directly with the entrepreneurs themselves to craft detailed, specific and attainable goals and strategies to take your product or service to market. For the seasoned entrepreneur, this may be “old hat,” but having an expert business plan consultant in your corner is helpful to the proper execution of your overall strategy.

If you are seeking funding from any number of sources or simply need help crafting a plan to help you take your business to the next level, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.