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02 Feb This Week In Finance — Feb. 2

On the financial sector radar this week: Private equity firm Carlyle focuses more on the middle market. Meanwhile, private equity firms are facing increased competitive pressure from private offices. Insights Decreasing dividends may be driving away investors. Startups that are testing the waters with crowdfunding include possible leaders...

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27 Jan Market Recap for the Week Ending 1/26/2016

On the financial sector radar this week: Family offices are increasingly hiring private equity professionals rather than partnering with equity firms. Health care professionals are responding to new requirements in the Affordable Care Act by investing in upgrades to their data management software. Insights App-based food delivery...

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25 Jan Sell or Hold: Is It Better to Sell or Hold Your Business?

Many business owners struggle with whether to sell their business or hold on a bit longer. Their trepidation is rooted in their uncertainty over which option yields the most rewarding outcome. We often see this level of doubt creep in with business owners who have...

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