Project Manager

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Simplify Complex Deals

Streamline the most complex deal processes for buy-side, sell-side and other capital transactions

We are moving transaction processes into the 21st century. By organizing and tracking project files, deadlines and communications into a single system, deal stakeholders can streamline accountability, speed and tracking of the most complex deals. Keeping internal and external teams aligned and focused throughout the lifetime of a transaction requires the right systems and tools. Our project management software gives dealmakers the ability to stay on top of the most relevant deals, while eliminating the need for redundant and irrelevant meetings.

The project manager module helps define the framework of each deal for quickly viewing and tracking the most promising opportunities. Assign tasks, include communications, attach documents and maintain deal updates. Deal makers, including compliance personnel, are able to check on documents and view potentially overdue deliverables, posting comments to driving deal procedures to final completion.

Bringing all the deal team together in one place can be a tough proposition. Processes are complex enough without the deal-specific nuances that can plague deals. Deal teams now have a secure, compliant location where stakeholders can communicate and organize project documents, communications and processes.


Maintain sell-side deal discipline and communication with advanced project and task management tools


Streamline Inorganic growth advisory, due diligence and deal integration tasks and teams with our deal project software


Corral the best investors on the most promising capital transactions using our streamlining applications for task communications