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Acquisition Loans

By purchasing an existing business (or franchise), you establish a strategy that allows for near-instant business start up. But once you’ve assessed your business opportunities and risks, and have settled on one prospect to move forward on, you’ll need to secure financing. At Investmentbank.com, we meet our clients’ diverse needs by providing support, resources, and guidance involving risk management, capital raising, securing financial flexibility, and everything else associated with purchasing an existing business.

We provide corporate finance ideas, advice, and execution as we walk you through the process of determining how best to finance your business acquisition. We share the same vision as our clients: to ensure that every decision made on the way toward an acquisition supports your short-term and long-term business development goals. Closing a small business acquisition loan can be a struggle. The lack of available collateral and low cash flow often impinge on a borrower’s chances of securing a loan. That’s why it’s so important to work with the right lender, within the right loan program.

On business acquisitions less than $5 million, the most typical form of financing is the SBA 7a loan. SBA (Small Business Administration) guarantees 75% of the loan to the lender, meaning if the borrower defaults, the bank will still get back 75% of their capital. This guarantee helps make small business acquisition loans far more achievable. Securing your acquisition loan with the help of Acquisition.net. With our long history in business acquisition financing, we have the resources and expertise to help you properly prepare for your next business investment. This includes finding the right lender and ensuring the financing side of the transaction is in place to aid in an overall smooth transition.

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