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Acquisition Financing

Our expert investment banking team brings the knowledge necessary to capture the right financing structure with the least expensive cost of capital. Financing is the lifeblood of business. We provide finance advisory solutions across the corporate value chain to ensure companies thrive, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Corporate Debt
We provide clear solutions for senior, subordinated, mezzanine and other forms of asset-based lending for clients seeking a solution for their acquisition financing needs. In typical fashion, most deals include some mix of both debt and equity with the vast majority being sourced from debt. We work with lenders and issuers to help source the right mix of both.
Private Equity
A myriad of options exist for sourcing private equity investment, particularly if your company is profitable and growing. Private equity groups, family offices and other sophisticated investors can provide either majority and minority interests in the right business. We help to ensure both the issuer and investor get the best deal possible.
Mezzanine & Unitrance
Mezzanine, unitranche and other subordinated debt structures are used often in financing acquisitions, particularly those that lack the tangible assets required by many senior lenders in a deal. We help source the right mix of non-bank, secondary and tertiary debt solutions to finance your next acquisition.
Alternative Financing
Additional less known, but alternative lending structures exist for companies seeking solutions to their acquisition financing needs. These include ESOPs mixed with debt and other specialized asset lease-back structures. We provide solutions across the value chain.

Finding success when it comes to sourcing the right capital partner for financing your acquisition requires a knack for knowing what questions to ask and which groups to solicit.

Financing Options

  • Senior Bank Loans
  • Asset Based Loans
  • Equipment Financing
  • Government Guaranteed Debt
  • Unitranche Financings
  • Mezzanine and Subordinated Debt
  • Preferred Stock
  • Growth Equity Financings
  • Private Equity Recapitalizations
  • ESOP Financings

Growth + Exits

Our network professionals assist clients with arranging financing to address a variety of business and transactional needs including:

  • Working capital to support sales growth or a new product line
  • Funding equipment and facilities purchases
  • Acquiring a business, a manufacturing plant or a product line
  • Buying out a partner, a controlling shareholder or the older generation of a family business
  • Refinancing/restructuring existing debt

Acquisition Financing

Companies looking for acquisition financing have several different options to choose from, with a line of credit and traditional bank and SBA loans being the most common. We understand that it typically takes more than soliciting these lenders in order to shore up the capital needed to buy your targeted company. In fact, acquisition financing lenders tend to come to the table with their own set of qualifying criteria, divergent from structures provided by typical bank lenders.

Navigating these complex waters is simplified with the help of a knowledgeable professional. In order to successfully secure acquisition financing at the lowest cost of capital, it helps when issuing companies work with advisers who both understand the unique structuring criteria of non-bank lenders and who have direct access to thousands of financing lenders across a variety of industries. That is why companies looking for acquisition financing turn to us for their capital needs.

We implement a comprehensive strategic solution to ensure a successful outcome for our clients. Often this includes a varied and creative mix of both debt and equity and is completed through targeted underwriting and strategic deal syndication. We leverage our expertise within capital markets, while relying on the relationships forged with our highly qualified lenders, in order to fully support our clients’ ventures, regardless of their specific sector.

We are active in each step of the corporate finance process beginning with preparation of a compelling presentation of the client’s business plan and funding requirements. As a firm, we maintain relationships with thousands of funding sources. Appropriate lenders and investors are targeted and introduced to the client and its financing requirements. The firm acts as an intermediary between the capital source and our clients. In doing so, we facilitate smooth interchange between our clients and the appropriate lenders and investors. After Term Sheets have been issued, we follow the transaction though to its conclusion, advising on deal terms, assisting with negotiations and due diligence. We also coordinate closely with legal counsel in managing the transaction until a successful close.

We source the right capital financing solutions for both buyers and sellers.

Being able to identify valuable opportunities worth investing in can be a challenge, when much of the deal flow in privately owned companies isn’t readily accessible. This challenge limits the number of deals PE firms complete or are even aware of.

We make it possible for private equity firms to maximize their investment opportunities by digging deeper than what limiting strategies – like participating in broad auctions – offers. We source new portfolio company opportunities, as well as add-on opportunities, for existing portfolio companies.

Our experience spans nearly every niche and industry. The strategy we employ to identify investment opportunities is multifaceted. While traditional methods of prospecting (phone calls, for example) are still effective, our most valuable resource is our network of professionals (including accounting firms, attorneys, consultants, brokers, sell-side intermediaries and investment bankers).

Over time, our network of professionals has come to view Acquisition.net as a valued source for discreetly presenting high-caliber qualified buyers.

Raising Capital for Acquisitions

Combining tried and true strategies with consistent execution, Acquisition.net is uniquely outfitted to help our clients – within a number of key niches – raise the capital they need. Regardless of what stage your business is in – from startup to growth, recapitalization, shareholder liquidity and full-management buyouts – we’ll construct a customized strategy that will yield your desired results.

Our close relationship with venture capitalizes, private equity firms, buy-out investors and others give us the leverage we need to match our clients with a capital lender well-suited for their needs and who’ll share in their goal of consistent growth and long-term success.

We serve a variety of roles as we look to raise capital for our clients. Our experience allows us to effectively serve as CFOs, VPs of Finance, and Directors, as we develop campaigns that identify and target accredited investors, and review and refine any financing plans (if necessary).

By ensuring that a mutually beneficial agreement (between investor and business owner) is established, we greatly minimize the risks typically associated with raising capital. We stand alongside our clients every step of the way as they look to create the level of momentum necessary to guarantee success.

Build Lasting Value

Acquisition financing will often provide our clients with more capital than a traditional bank loan, at a fraction of the cost of an investor. This, of course, comes as very good news to our clients.

But the key ingredients to success with acquisition financing are:

1. Finding the right lender to align with your vision and mission

2. Acquiring the proper amount of business acquisition financing

We’ve built our reputation on helping our clients successfully gain access to the capital they need in order to purchase other companies and meet their long-term goals. Our time-tested workflow ensures that the process of attaining your required capital is streamlined, thus helping you get the capital you need, when you need it, in order to move forward with your acquisition.

M&A Capital Advisory

Maximizing seller value in mergers & acquisitions

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Our M&A Process

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
for the middle market.
  • Strategic Planning

  • Assess Financial Readiness

  • Align M&A Criteria

  • Research Target Industry

  • Target List Building

  • Target Outreach

  • Engage Targets

  • Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Due Diligence

  • Closing

  • Target Integration