Entrepreneurs vs. Politicians

Do Entrepreneurs Make a Bigger Difference Than Politicians?

They say politicians are a glimpse into our future. They represent communities, they represent the people, and they help make decisions that will benefit the common good, most of the time anyway. This is what government and politics should be about, but we all know there are a lot more political pressure involved that influence decisions and how government is run.

But what about entrepreneurs and their businesses? Businesses play a large part in community, how it serves the people, and even the overall economy. Also, small businesses function for the people and they are run by the people. Entrepreneurs and small business owners see themselves as one in the same: They have jobs, they pay taxes, and they are real people. So is it possible that entrepreneurs and small businesses make a bigger difference than politicians?

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners would agree that running a business is about risk, not government. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are fully aware that starting a business comes with a great deal of financial risk, branding risk, and survival risk. Starting a business is one thing, but running it and operating it successfully is another. Communities often recognize this and support many small and local businesses, which is a relatively new initiative, particularly in supporting “home grown” businesses and farms.

Ironically, in effort to continue to repair and rebuild current economic conditions, most politicians declare that creating jobs and supporting tax payers are their top priorities. However, most entrepreneurs and small businesses would agree that they do more to support this than politicians do. Although many small businesses still struggling with retaining staff members, particularly with the rise in health care costs and the potential increase in minimum wage, small businesses still do what politicians can’t do directly: create jobs and provide consumer products and services.

Those small businesses who have been in business for years totaling up in the double digits certainly deserve huge recognition, especially since the majority of startup businesses fail within the first five years of operation. But this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t acknowledge and thank the little guys either. Small businesses know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making a small business work…because they’ve all been there and done it, at one point or another.

The truth is every entrepreneur and business is important, regardless of size, products or services, or industry in which they function. Each is just as important as the next for our community and our economy. Politicians might claim that they support the creation of jobs or that they support small businesses and their success, but entrepreneurs and small business owners are the ones that have a direct impact on both elements and they put in the work…literally.

All in all, while communities and governments can’t really survive or function without politicians, entrepreneurs and small business owners deserve the most credit, since they have the biggest and most direct impact on our society. So what do you think? Do entrepreneurs make a bigger difference than politicians? Most would agree that they do. Thank an entrepreneur today.


Josh Barnhouse
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