You Cannot Afford to Ignore the Power of the Video

We humans are visual beasts. We like and remember those things that we take in through our eyes. Moreover, we are able to take in new information when it is taken in visually faster and easier than we are able to when that same information is presented to us, say, on the written page.

What does all this mean to you and your business? It means that you cannot afford to ignore the power of the video when you are marketing your business and creating your online presence. These days, videos are so easy and inexpensive to make that it is a mistake not to do so. However, this does not mean you should pull out your smart phone take a video and post it on your website with no rhyme or reason. No, the same guidelines that my blogging colleague Jeff Gonzales laid out in his “Three Tips for Writing Good Content” apply to video making. After all, no matter what its form, the content you give to your customers and clients must be of value to them.

To ensure that your content is of use to both you and your clients and customers, Gonzales says that you need to:

1.       Produce customer-focused writing
2.       Include strong calls to action
3.       Don’t be spammy

Similarly, when it comes to video making as way to attract visitors to your website and to in turn boost sales, you need to:

1.       Produce customer-focused videos

Before you even pick up your video camera, you need to think about your operation from the standpoint of your customers or clients. What do they want from you? How can you provide them with something of value? If want to get more business for your restaurant, you have a whole menu (sorry, couldn’t stop myself) of video options to choose from to include:

  • Customer reviews
  • Your chef giving the daily specials
  • Your chef describing some of the more unique listings on the menu
  • Quick cooking lessons
  • A welcoming message that explains the philosophy behind your restaurant and its menu

2.       Give strong calls of action

Again, staying with the restaurant example, what calls of action do you think a video should include? Remember, a call to action must be clear and let the viewer know exactly what she should do. For a restaurant, these calls of action could be to:

  • Call the number scrolling it at the bottom of the screen
  • Make an online reservation
  • Upload her own restaurant review

3.       Don’t Sell (Don’t be Spammy)

No one likes the hard sell. So, do yourself a favor and don’t hard sell your clients and customers. This means that if you were the restaurant owner and had produced and posted videos of customer reviews, daily specials, your chef’s descriptions of various delights on your menu, and a welcoming message, you must not pollute these fine videos with any hard selling. Your customers will enjoy visiting your website and discovering great value in your informative videos. Treat your end users with respect by using your videos to only let them know how to contact you, make a reservation and leave a review.

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Josh Barnhouse
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