Who Will Take Over Now?

In a few of the most recent transitions we have been engaged in we have noticed that many business owners have run out of time. They have developed a procedure for running the business, established a customer base, and acquired the assets necessary to run the enterprise. Now they would like to hand the business off the their children, the next generation. But the children have their own interests.

This is the beauty of the private equity world. Private Equity groups are lead by professionals who many of them were previously CEO and owners of their own enterprises. They are either looking for a strategic acquisition for a platform company they have acquired, or they are looking for a company that they can acquire to enter into a new market they would like to penetrate. This allows for an exit strategy, or a succession plan that allows the business that has been founded to keep moving forward.

Many times the acquiring private equity group would like to only acquire part ownership interest in the company and just give a helping hand in the developing business. This can also be of great interest to the company looking to move forward.

Another powerful succession plan if for businesses to sell their ownership to a company that may or may not be publicly traded. Even though the acquiring company may not be held by a private equity group it can still be an outstanding platform company that is looking to move forward through both organic and acquisition growth.

We at deal capital know what it takes to find the right buyer who is looking for a company like yours to make the next steps forward. We understand that this is important to you so that the enterprise you have established can continue to move forward, even after you are gone.

Troy Jenkins
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