Washington DC Mergers & Acquisitions

Deal Capital has strategically situated itself in Washington D.C. allowing us to serve the city’s middle market private firms.

Washington sees a lot of venture capital funds poured into firms around the area. Our mergers & acquisitions, as well as business brokerage and divestiture advisory services are in demand in this area. We discreetly represent firms with EBITDAs of between $1 million to $200 million in these service areas.

If you are an investor, private or a firm, seeking to buy into such a company, or enacting an M&A, we would be more than happy to assist. We have a thorough M&A process that includes rigorous background and feasibility checks, proper liquidation, and a competent post-liquidity management. Our expertise comes from years of actual work experience handling billions of dollars’ worth of these transactions.

Together with our partners, we help firms with such needs sort through a broad range of issues: financial, legal, managerial, and even sales. Our networks comprise of strategic partners with vast experience in the industry. With them, we have successfully been able to give clients top dollar sales for their businesses, as well as help investors buy and profitably start work on bought businesses in the Washington area.

We offer you decades of experience combined with a wide network of very strategic partners today. Contact our local office in the Washington area for more information how you can take advantage of our services.