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Commercial Real Estate Valuations

Expert valuation and appraisal services for commercial properties & commercial land

Commercial real estate represents a keystone in the portfolio of many corporate assets. We provide a diverse range of expert appraisal solutions for commercial property types of nearly every size and shape, including:

  • Commercial retail office space
  • Apartment and multiplexes with 5+ units
  • Hotel and motel valuations
  • Mixed use facilities
  • Medical practice facilities
  • Industrial, manufacturing and R&D space
  • Mobile and manufactured home parks
  • Commercial land and commercial acreage
  • General commercial real estate including car washes, gas stations & restaurants
  • Hospitals, senior housing and assisted living centers
  • Specialty valuations of all types
  • General real estate portfolio valuations of larger size

There are varied levels of valuation which can and should be performed, including: Restricted Use Appraisal Report A brief verbal estimate of value or short-form report can be provided when the use for valuation is limited and may only be needed for internal purposes. Summary Appraisal Report A Summary Appraisal Report is perhaps the most common report format we utilize. It includes a general summary of the elements of the property value including appraisal methodologies used, supporting analysis and other addenda documentation. Self-Contained Appraisal Report Our most comprehensive appraisal format, the Self-Contained Appraisal Report includes everything mentioned in the Summary Appraisal Report above but also carries greater detailed analysis of the techniques employed, the methods involved and general market data that supports any conclusive appraisal documentation.