Intellectual Property

Intangible assets can sometimes be difficult to quantify. We take a rigorously disciplined approach all aspects of intangible asset valuation. Among the types of intangible assets we value are the following:

  • Trademarks, trade names, brands, service marks and non-compete agreements
  • Internet properties like domain names and website content
  • Customer contracts, databases, lists and other customer relationships
  • Employee, partner and competitor non-compete agreements
  • Licensing agreements, supplier contracts, supplier relationships and franchises licenses
  • Patents, computer software, technology, processes, engineering schematics
  • Literary and musical compositions and film copyrights
  • Short and long term leasehold interests
  • In-process research and development
  • Database trademark and software source code

It is unfair to value most businesses by using the sum of their hard assets + working capital. Consequently, assigning proper value to specific intangibles is an absolute necessity for determining overall corporate value. Like valuing real estate, valuing intangibles includes the useful lives of such assets. Our expert team takes into account many internal and external factors when it comes to valuing such assets.

Because our knowledge-based economy is driven heavily by intangibles–much more so than the finance-driven businesses in decades past–getting a firm grip on the hard value of some of your knowledge-based assets is key to knowing overall value. Sometimes knowing the value of such assets can be helpful when it comes to use them as security for a loan.

Trademark & Brand Valuations

Legally protecting your name, symbol, design, letter and general business brand and loyalty represents an essential piece of many companies. In most cases, premium pricing is paid for companies with excellent trademark and brand authority. Trademarks and other intangibles can be licensed and used as collateral in mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcy and loan procurement. Establishing licensing value, royalty rates and fair market value for such assets is often extremely difficult. We use a number of tried and true methods for nailing the value of your corporate IP.