Deal Syndication

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Successfully completing deals requires the collaboration of a knowledgeable and experienced deal team. Oftentimes, the best deal collaboration is accomplished across brokerage firms through forming a syndicate. In today’s market, syndicating capital transactions is best accomplished through collaborating through technology. The InvestmentBank.com Deal Syndication tool leverages the contacts among broker-dealers to give issuers a leg-up in closing capital transactions.

Our Deal Syndication tool requires an inter-broker-dealer agreement. The tool will be available in Q2 2017. Please contact us for more information.

Packed with advanced features

  • Allows intermediaries to leverage the CRM contacts across sub-accounts and private-label platforms, while maintaining original intermediary contact ownership
  • Uses the powerful tools of Marketing & Process Automation for reaching more potential accredited and institutional investors across multiple platforms
  • Provides issuers and intermediaries with secure tracking of pitchbook delivery and virtual data room visits
  • Exploits the general solicitation exemption through Regulation D, 506 (c) and Regulation A+ by reaching more potential investors that may not be available within a single brokerage firm
  • Provides advanced analytics and business intelligence for future deal decision-making

Our syndication application will provide the means to more quickly and efficiently close more deals among partner broker-dealers.