Sustainability Consultants

Environmentally Sustainable Solutions

Decreasing energy usage, greenhouse gas release, water usage, wastage, and dangerous chemical usage in daily operation and production is now a top concern in a large number of businesses from various industries. Corporations that are serious in enhancing their output in connection with sustainability objects to continue industry leadership can look to Deal Capital, a leader in this field.

Have The Competitive Edge Through Environmental Sustainability

More than ever demands inside and outside the company in different industries are requiring that sustainability be a central component in how business is to be carried out:

Functional Efficiency – By engaging in a sustainable program, organizations are appreciating the reality that unwanted expenditures and unproductiveness can be removed from their operations enhancing their position in the market. This makes the business sustainability methodology a very attractive proposition.

Energy and Raw Material Expenditures – Market uncertainty has led to rising expenditures in energy and raw materials. Reducing energy and raw material requirements helps to lower costs associated with higher prices helping attain profit targets.

Government Laws – Many countries have laws compelling organizations to inform on their carbon and environmental footprint and required to reduce them. Cap and Trade which assigns a value on carbon are among the market systems in place which are driving organizations to finer appreciation of their greenhouse gas emissions and improve on their management.

Various Stakeholders – In selecting services and merchandise, customers now have higher level of awareness and are factoring in sustainability. Businesses are increasingly requiring their suppliers to manufacture or deliver their merchandize in a more environment-friendly way and show proof that this being done. Organizations are coming to the realization that when making their job decisions, topnotch employees are also looking into the employer’s sustainable environment history.

Sustainable Environment Solutions Service by Deal Capital
Whether implemented individually or concurrently, Deal Capital offers a range of assistance with its Sustainable Environment Solutions Applications like:

Administration/Presence – Leverage Deal Capital’s expertise when identifying and executing enterprise methodologies and procedures concentrating on information gathering in connection with core sustainability markers, trending, reports, dashboards, and scorecards. Whether concentrating extensively on a precise topic ( e.g. Monitoring Facilities Energy Usage) or through various sustainability gauges (e.g. Sustainability Scorecard) these solutions can be utilized.

Environmental Data Hubs – Since 2000, electricity consumption of Data Hubs/Centers have doubled and presently represent 2% of U.S. electricity consumption.  At Deal Capital we can assist you achieve the objective of lowering unessential data center energy consumption by assisting in identifying an environmental data center plan and executing the necessary facilities and IT groundwork.

Supply Chain – For better optimization in the usage of raw materials, energy, fuel and water, Deal Capital can assists in identifying manufacturing and supply chain methods. To enable these methods we assist our clients execute the required enterprise procedures.

Integrated Communication and Partnership – Sustainability objectives, for instance lessening staff travel and lessening paper usage can be handled and attained with our services associated with identifying and executing company search, digital partnership solutions and document management.