Selling a Business in Renton, WA

Selling a Business in Renton, WA

Selling a Business in Renton, WA is extremely advantageous. Renton is one of the outskirts to Seattle and Bellevue, two very saturated markets, which means that many companies look to Renton as one location to move in to the Seattle area to begin competing with other companies that are already in those markets.

When a company is looking to move into another market it typically has one of three options: it can start from the ground up—the same way it originally began in its own market; it can make an acquisition of another company allowing it to start making money from day one; or, it can merge with another company sharing the business model, profits, risk, and every other aspect of a business with the current owners of the merged firm. As one of the advantages of making an acquisition is to start with a profit and existing customer base, a business looking to expand can quickly hasten its ability to compete with the other businesses in the area.

One other benefit of selling a business in Renton is that the area is located right between Seattle and Tacoma thus allowing businesses in Seattle that want to expand southward or businesses in Tacoma that want to expand northward to engage the company as a potential acquisition. This even makes the seller a target for companies looking to buy or sell a business from Portland, OR.

Having the ability to become a target acquisition to many different acquirers, whether they are strategic growth acquisitions or individuals or private equity groups looking for cash flow, multiple buyers will almost always drive the price up thus maximizing the seller’s surplus. Most companies do not possess the connections, skills, and abilities, to represent themselves and bring multiple buyers to the negotiations table. This is where our Seattle Investment bankers and M&A professionals are able to add an extraordinary amount of value to the sell of your business in the M&A process.

Troy Jenkins
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