Seattle M&A Markets

When it comes time to sell your Seattle-based company  having the necessary expert in your corner is an absolute must. That means not only having someone who knows how to broker deals, but also someone who is well-versed in your particular industry and knows how to value, market and find buyers in your niche. Our network of superb partners have had years of working with entrepreneurs and small business managers to secure strategic buyers for companies in markets ranging from software and manufacturing to consumer goods and customer service.

Knowing your market is of strategic importance throughout the entire business sales process. From valuation of your assets to finding the right buyer, having industry-specific knowledge is crucial to obtaining the highest offer and closure prices for your company. Novices may be helpful in this process, but your ultimate goal of a large liquidity event is best achieved by having and industry expert.

Whether your company provides services or sells tangible and intangible products, we can help. Give us a call to set up an initial client meeting with our qualified network.