Seattle Consultants

We work with Seattle-based healthcare and technology firms as expert consultants on long-term and large scale projects. Our focus on middle-market technology transactions is unparalleled. We work with both established entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies to determine potential areas for growth, exploit them with flawless execution and then Because of our substantial partner network, our expertise ranges across multiple disciplines including:

Marketing & Sales Initiatives 

Retail & Advertising 

Finance, Investing & M&A

Corporate Transitions 

We strive to create sustainable, competitive advantages for our clients. As such, we work directly with C-level management to help broker Seattle-based deals and maximize the ROI for deal-flow while still considering all internal and external stakeholders.

By working with clients to deliver a rich and sustainable competitive advantage across the customer lifecycle, we are able to create value all across the chain from customer to the company itself. The services and expertise of our network is unmatched. In short, we’ve the capabilities to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

With solutions completely tailored to our clients’ needs, we provide deep, abiding and industry-specific expertise centered on the core customer your business represents. For more information on how Deal Capital can help your business succeed, please contact us.