We implement a proven, repeatable process for sell-side mergers & acquisitions.

Restaurant & Food Retail

Our team boasts extensive experience in assisting both restaurant and specialty food retailers to transact in an often complex and difficult market. Sourcing the right opportunities for both issuers and investors alike, our team helps food retailers and some of the most successful restauranteurs in sourcing capital, making acquisitions, divesting and selling companies. Our team has experience working with some of the most recognized brands in the industry.

Consumer demands continue to put pressure on even the most well-run, successful restaurants and specialty food retailers. By having expert advisory solutions at the table, our clients are ensured a seamless process for their relevant capital transaction. By utilizing our team’s long-standing experience in transacting in the middle market for restaurants and food service owners, we bring a healthy dose of quality expertise to our clients’ process, ensuring higher valuations when it comes time to ultimately transact.

We combine years of tacit, industry-specific experience in food retailing along with some of the best quality industry research an issuer could desire. This helps ensure our clients check all the appropriate boxes when it comes time to transact. We also engage with young companies early in their business life cycle to ensure they are fully prepared to transact and move when macro forces will play in their favor. Our expert consulting team helps food retailers and restaurant entrepreneurs to appropriately position themselves in their respective markets to both identify opportunities and maximize their place and fit within the overall marketplace.

By taking a long term view of our clients’ companies we are able to provide the right patient advisory services to ensure the sale, merger or growth capital comes at the right time and in a way that makes the most sense for our clients. By engaging early and often, we are able to take a long term, holistic view of client companies, allowing them to continue to focus on growth toward a meaningful exit. We encourage successful restaurateurs and food service entrepreneurs to get in touch with one of our restaurant and food service investment bankers. We can work with you to craft a long-term plan oriented toward growth and an eventual successful exit.

Restaurant Capital Advisory

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Our M&A Process

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
for the middle market.
  • Strategic Planning

  • Assess Financial Readiness

  • Align M&A Criteria

  • Research Target Industry

  • Target List Building

  • Target Outreach

  • Engage Targets

  • Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Due Diligence

  • Closing

  • Target Integration