Redmond Business Brokers

We are a highly professional investment banking company operating out of the city of Redmond, Washington. As a premiere firm in this sector, we are able to provide expert and reliable representation for a wide range of businesses and their owners. Just some of the industries in which we can offer our services are technology, healthcare, manufacturing, services, construction, and real estate. We see our role as an investment bank as one of taking our clients forward to a new, exciting, and successful phase in their lives.

During the course of the last 30 years, the transactions undertaken by our network partners have totaled more than $1 billion. Given that consistent record of achievement, it is not surprising that you will be able to count on us to help you sell a business for the greatest payout possible. The level of return that you merit through your efforts with the business, and the security which you quite reasonably desire, is something that we can help achieve for you, as well as for other parties who own equity stakes in your business. We boast a mergers & acquisitions program with numerous key steps, taking you through from the introductory stage to your liquidity event, including of course the appropriate due diligence.

Even if it may be several more years before you are ready to leave your company, it is still of great help to have prepared for selling your business in advance, since this will allow you to make a quick and rewarding exit when the time is right for you to go. Getting into talks with a business broker as early as possible in the process is the best way to accomplish this, and is something which frequently makes sure that your business exit will be a success overall. To get started with the process, please get in touch today with our local office.