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Finance Recruiting & Staffing

We focus on staffing & recruiting execution, enabling our clients to focus on their businesses.

Thanks to the constant economic shifts in recent years, sourcing top talent for highly specialized roles has become more difficult than ever. At ROI we specialize in optimizing your recruiting/staffing penetration across the various fields across the financial sector. Finding the perfect candidate requires a partnership network unmatched by any internal sourcing and recruiting. Assistance from outside sources with the skills, knowledge and networks to bring the most qualified candidates to your desired positions, is paramount to your long-term sustainable growth. That’s where we come in.

The supply of candidates with high levels of experience and deep specialization is more difficult than ever. ROI optimizes your internal search processes to source the right talent by navigating the complex field of viable and available candidates. We use our experience, our networks and a handful of technology tools, developed in-house, to assist in our search for your top candidate.

Our Process

The competition for the right talent is fierce. With the right recruiting methodologies, you can outflank the competition for some of the top talent in your niche. What follows are some key components of our advantage in processes and methodologies that make us the right fit for your hiring needs.

  • Rich understanding of the financial markets, including the job-specific requirements of each client placement opportunity.
  • Your candidates with be vetted at least 3+ times, including full approval by our team members before an introduction is made to you.
  • Industry-specific understanding of the financial market, including accounting, finance, financial planning, mergers & acquisitions, investment banking and the regulatory environment surrounding them.
  • We boast a typical candidate acceptance rate greater than 90%. This alone, saves our clients money and time in the process of finding the right recruit.
  • Because our reputation is on the line with each introduction for each hire, we make sure our introductions are the highest possible quality.

Our Team

As a client, you will have access to a dedicated team targeting your immediate placement and staffing needs. Because we operate a time-tested and repreatable process, our clients have full trust that our candidates are not only qualified but that they will be ready and willing to accept the positions given.

Because our team is industry-specific, you’ll not only be working directly with subject-matter experts, you’ll know the candidates presented will represent the best of breed among your top picks. Our internal database is fine-tuned with some of the most knowledgeable and qualified candidates in nearly every market across the United States.

Your Candidates

We source our candidates using a top-down approach. At ROI, we combine some of the most efficient technical tools with the ability to spot and filter through the noise to get you the right individual for the right position. In short, we kiss the frogs so you don’t have to.

Engage Us

Because our hiring process depends on the critical nature of the position placement, the hiring process/timing of the client and the relative size of the pool available, we offer a number of different client engagement options.

Fully Engaged. Your specific, time-critical need becomes our searchers’ top priority. With our full attention focused on your specific project and needs, your company will have exclusive access to candidates we source. Critical and high-level positions are best filled using our full engagement option. This solution works best for time-sensitive candidate placements.

Retained on Contingency. Get exclusive candidate access for four weeks with our option to retain us on contingency of a placement. This is our most common and popular service, providing solutions for urgent and critical placement needs or where multiple openings need met.

Discount Contingency. Many of our clients with an existing top-tier hiring process may engage us on a discount contingency. Discount contingency allows the client to pay a discounted fee based on the time that passes between the initial resume submittal to full offer and acceptance of the candidate. We’re that confident in our ability to quickly place high-quality candidates.

Contingency. For positions where urgency or critical placement is not a top priority, we often work on contingency. This means that we prioritize your search based on placement requirements, time to fill the position, company urgency and the relative talent pool.

Unbundled Options. We provide our services in an unbundled fashion, including: candidate sourcing, reference and background checks, on-campus recruiting, national job postings, contract employees and contract-to-hire options.

As a client, you decide how and when to engage with us. Our top priority is your top priority.