Real Estate


Our end-to-end real estate advisory team provides solutions across the commercial real estate landscape for both simplifying and filling your required capital stack for your next real estate transaction. Whether you require development finance or simply debt or equity in a real estate deal, we can help.

As both licensed investment bankers and crowdfunding specialists, we work to source the right mix of equity and debt financing to fill your commercial real estate investment deals.


We adapt our sales advisory strategy to match the fluid real estate investment marketplace. Because we work hand-in-hand with both real estate buyers and sellers, we are able to quickly assess and adapt to various commercial real estate portfolios and offerings in a way that best fits within our clients’ goals.

By providing thorough and thoughtful due diligence through each client engagement, we are able to consistently deliver the most meaningful outcomes for investors and project developers. 


Our experienced real estate capital advisors and M&A professionals work directly with large real estate investment projects and holdings to assist with a customized approach to complex real estate transactions. Our real estate teams provide the guidance necessary to complete some of the most enticing commercial real estate deals on the market.

Our M&A team assists clients with inorganic real estate growth, structured commercial sales, asset divestitures and strategic partnerships.

Real Estate Acquisitions

Acquisition.net’s deep industry knowledge and hands-on approach in due diligence and closing processes make it possible for us to seek out and identify compelling investment opportunities and properties for our clients, while offsetting economic risks associated with single market concentration.

Service Benefits

Our approach to connecting investors with strategic growth opportunities in key markets is ideally suited for a variety of investor types, including:

  • Private and institutional investors
  • Companies undergoing restructuring, that are in or out of bankruptcy, or that are in turnaround
  • Companies looking to increase cash flow
  • Traditional real estate investors
  • Asset-based and traditional mortgage lenders

Types of Acquisitions

We offer a combined-service structure that allows our clients to consolidate all of their needs within one resource. The end result is a savings on time and expenses, while increasing the likelihood of a profitable outcome that’s aligned with the goals of all parties involved.

We have the expertise and capital resources required to acquire properties of any magnitude, including, but not excluded to:

  • Institutional quality offices
  • Industrial
  • Multifamily
  • Retail
  • Hotels

Regardless of your goals or reason for real estate acquisition, we have a proven strategy in place that will target strategic growth opportunities specific to your needs or vision.