Real Estate Investment Banking

Our real estate investment banking team provides human and capital resources to facilitate real estate financing for operations, acquisitions and follow-on or public offerings. We provide full-service financing for private owners, private and public equity markets and any and all types of REITs. Our network includes joint venture partners for joint venture funding for both buy and sell-side advisory services across the spectrum of real estate transactions including hotel & hospitality, retail properties & shopping centers, public-sector utilities, multifamily properties, industrial & manufacturing and general real estate development projects.

By combining our commercial lending platform partners and execution of capital market mandates, we provide placement for a variety of real estate investment projects. Our team’s deep industry expertise provides meaningful assistance across the commercial realty landscape. From financing to strategic acquisition or divestiture in various specialized real estate niches, we assist across the value chain.

Real Estate Services

  • Buy & Sell-Side M&A Advisory

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

  • Follow-on Equity Offerings

  • Debt Financing

  • Operations & Management Consulting

  • Public Note Offerings

  • Joint Venture Capital

  • Private Equity

  • Preferred Equity Offerings

  • Public Market Equity Capital

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Real Estate Services

      • Retail, Shopping & Entertainment

      • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

      • Hotel, Hospitality & Lodging

      • Homebuilding

      • Timber, Farm & Agriculture

      • Private Real Estate

      • Self Storage

      • Large Multifamily

      • Public Sector Utilities

      • Industrial & Manufacturing

Tailored Real Estate Capital Advisory

We take a tailored, disciplined approach to our real estate investment banking practice. By working directly with owners and investors on unique and interesting real estate capital financing projects, our clients are better able to manage the unique pieces of their business while we work directly on the capital side of the house. In every instance, our team provides the needed investment support to each unique transaction.

Our clients range from both passive investors to active real estate managers and everyone in between. We work on complex real estate transactions to ensure our clients are able to successfully manage the direct and immediate issues of their businesses.

We work with professional appraisers to value our clients’ unique real estate assets, ensuring proper value is placed and extracted in a timely fashion. Once appraised, our clients’ assets can be better sequestered for their desired capital event whether a debt/equity financing, a sale or divestment or a co-investment with strategic partners. Our expert broker team works with both buyers and sellers to ensure a painless transaction from start to finish.

Real Estate Capital


Our team works to provide our real estate clients with the right, patient capital to complete nearly any sized real estate investment project. By combining both equity and debt in the proper structure within the capital stack, we provide the customized approach necessary to complete projects according to client goals and objectives. With decades of experience across a broad range of property and investment types, we ensure capital transactions not only provide the right capital, but the right partnerships for business longevity and sustainability.



As loan portfolios evolve in a fluid sales market, our loan advisory services work to adapt your sales advisory strategy to match with adjusting market trends. Our hands-on approach allows us to achieve and implement processes ensuring the highest sales velocity for both large-scale development and portfolio offerings as well as single-asset opportunities. Our team provides thoughtful and in-depth due diligence to the team and its underlying assets ensuring thoughtful execution of defined objectives for both buyers and sellers. By assessing each asset and building a fully-baked story our team acts as a professional, strategic advisor to each loan. In this way, each our clients receives the individual level of quality service we pride ourselves with.



Our asset management partners provide the added value to our clients’ portfolios through asset enhancement and further value creation and maximization—especially prior to a sale. Our asset management team provides the proper services to ensure due diligence is rendered complete, transparency is fully maintained and efficiency is utilized throughout the sale process.



Our real estate M&A services assist our clients in recapitalization and restructuring options as solutions to aid in further scale and ROI maximization. By assisting our clients in direct deal processes and structure, we help create the ideal environment for growth. Our support in complex real estate capital market transactions provides a truly tailored approach and customized format for each client engagement, allowing our expert deal teams to deliver transaction results on deals of nearly any size and within nearly any segment or asset class. Our real estate M&A services assist clients with investment capital, inorganic growth initiatives, structured sales, asset divestitures, partnerships and alliances and portfolio securitizations. In a complex market place, having an expert deal team makes all the difference.