Our Process

While the overall deal process can be extremely complex, we follow a simple, proven & repeatable process for maximizing client outcomes

Business Valuation & Initial Client Engagement

Understanding business value and strategic positioning within the relevant market of the business is paramount to a successful deal closing. We work with owners and their accountants to formulate a business valuation based on relevant comparables and industry multiples that best match your specific industry niche. We then discuss target prices based on least and most likely M&A scenarios.

Initial engagements can include mock due diligence and vetting of the company by the advisor. The company and its shareholders will also perform thorough due diligence and reference checks on the representing agents to the transaction to ensure their business is properly represented from beginning to end.


Pitchbook & Deal Positioning

Once the client has engaged us for M&A consulting, we work directly with business sellers to formulate what is often referred to as the “Picthbook,” “the book,” “Confidential Marketing Memorandum (CMM)” or “Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM).”

The creation of the book is a crucial component in the deal-making process as it represents the most comprehensive description of all the business has to offer a potential buyer. It should include everything from employees to financials to future opportunities for growth and expansion.

Buyer Selection & Outreach

Unlike blanketing a “business for sale” sign, we perform two crucial steps at this juncture of the process. First, we formulate a short-list of potential strategic acquirers–those willing to pay the most in an M&A scenario. We combine the strategic short list with a broad list of other financial investors as well. This list will be approved by all shareholders to the seller. Once this list is approved and “the book” is completed, the business will be promoted to potential strategic & financial buyers in a “blind” fashion. Doing so helps to maintain confidentiality for the seller and ensures no current or future operations of the business are disrupted by the attempt at a business sale.

Direct confidential outreach is then followed by expert negotiations.


Negotiations & Value Enhancement

Expert negotiations are the key sticking point between advisors that get a deal done and those that exceed expectations in M&A. Our process includes bringing multiple buyers to the table in a value-enhancing auction scenario where the buyer who matches the sellers criteria for fit and price ultimately wins the deal.

This can be a delicate process and requires the support of experienced negotiators with the ability to enhance value when it’s needed most: in the final sale of the company.

Due Diligence & Deal Closure

Once we determine a winner to the strategic auction for the company, we work quickly to ensure due diligence and deal closure are completed shortly thereafter–preferably between 30 and 90 days after a Letter of Intent for acquisition has been executed by all parties to the deal.