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We implement a proven, repeatable process for sell-side mergers & acquisitions.

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For many years, New York has been the central hub of the much of the worldwide investment banking and finance world. Consequently, DealCapital has set up shop at the heart of the action in New York City. As part of our expanding global strategy, we work — together with our partners — on a range of broad-reaching finance issues relating to middle-market sales, acquisitions, mergers & divestitures.

The best quality capital advisory services involve one part art and two parts science. Our team takes a rigorous approach to each client engagement, ensuring the very best possible outcome.

The network of M&A professionals at DealCapital work with middle-market entrepreneurs and business owners in the New York and New Jersey areas to help aid in the transition from business ownership to life’s next big adventure. Specifically, we work with organizations with EBITDAs of between $5 million and $100 million. Proper planning and excellent professional resources are aspects of the seller representation process which take very seriously.

Long-standing business owners know the ups and downs of their businesses and the anxieties of risk management. When it comes time to exit your enterprise, you will want to make it as smooth as possible. While you may not be intent on selling your business

Experienced business professionals can find solace in DealCapital’s network of knowledgeable experts for preparing, valuing and marketing their corporation. Let us help you make a career or life change from your corporation by contacting one of our business M&A professionals today.