Our custom deal matching tool connects qualified company issuers with institutional capital providers


Private Equity
InvestmentBank.com utilizes a series of tools for sourcing, matching and closing quality middle-market deal investment opportunities. Private equity investors and debt lenders are efficiently matched with corporate issuers seeking growth and recapitalization capital. Both investment bankers and private equity investors alike are seamlessly matched with qualified deal opportunities across the private markets, worldwide.
Deal Financing
Capital projects use the InvestmentBank.com platform to locate the most relevant potential investors for a wide variety of corporate and real estate projects. With a global network of institutional and individual investors, our platform includes the types of dealflow investors regularly seek. Both debt and equity investors including large institutional funds and private banks use our matching tools to connect with corporate issuers seeking capital for scaled growth and specific project finance.
Our platform uses algorithmic intelligence to efficiently match specific deal opportunities in any sector across the middle market. With the ability to surpass the boundaries of traditional outbound and inbound deal sourcing and marketing, buyers and sellers are better able to connect on a global scale, better matching M&A opportunities with the most relevant industry matches. Corporate and private equity buyers alike use InvestmentBank.com to match and connect with sellers and other capital sources for more efficient and streamlined mergers and acquisitions.
Real Estate
Multi-family, corporate office, hospitality, retail and industrial real estate investors user InvestmentBank.com to access real estate opportunities that match their targeted buyer profile. Concurrently, developers and owners of commercial and residential real estate assets bring their “for sale” assets and capital raising needs to our platform, allowing them to more efficiently source real estate buyers and investors the world over.

Matching global, private capital market deal opportunities

The methods for private deal origination, sourcing and marketing have changed rapidly. Traditional methods for connecting investors and issuers lack the same impact and scale required for today’s most promising deal opportunities. By sourcing deals from a global network of thousands of investment bankers and other deal intermediaries, our platform provides the connections to better source, vet and close more deal opportunities. Posting and accessing buy-side, sell-side and other capital transactions is automatically performed through a digital community of the most active middle-market dealmakers.

While using an online deal sourcing platform does not preclude the need to perform traditional blocking and tackling, the best platforms and technology can greatly augment the typical processes implemented by even the most sophisticated buyers and sellers.

More Efficient Investor Targeting

The most active financial buyers, strategic acquirers and other financial partners use multiple offline and online sources for deal origination. Using online platforms to source buy and sell-side mandates for your next transaction can greatly enhance the overall impact of even the most effective existing outbound sourcing strategy.

  • Unearth the most relevant buyers and investors seeking deals that exactly match relevant deal criteria
  • Create and post specific, blind deal profiles, targeting specific buyers registered on the platform
  • Directly identify and target both strategic and financial buyers whose mandates match your deal parameters

Better Deal Sourcing

Confidential deal origination for private equity and M&A professionals is performed through a limited access, exclusive portal. Bolster buy and sell-side deal pipelines, sourcing deals that directly match a given mandate.

  • Real time deal leads and opportunities are sourced as they arise
  • Receive actionable and immediate alerts based on targeted deal campaigns with pre-configured acquisition and investment preferences
  • Generally or specifically broadcast buy-side mandates for attracting private, proprietary dealflow
  • Maintain buyer and seller visibility with a current investment profile, including desired and specific deal criteria

Streamlined Deal Marketing

Increase the efficiency of deal project workflows with automated deal process listings. Our platform makes it possible to eliminate many of the complex, time-consuming tasks inherent with marketing, tracking and closing quality deals.

  • Co-promote industry-specific market materials and learn how buyers and investors react and respond in real-time
  • Automate and prioritize follow-up and action items in your project Gantt chart
  • Utilize the process and workflow automation tools to automate everything from document signatures and management to deal team accountability
  • Efficiently and immediately move content from the listing and into the virtual data room, complete with individual CRM tracking and reporting
  • Test various deal marketing copy to see what works and what doesn’t

Acquisition Financing

Our expert investment banking team brings the knowledge necessary to capture the right financing structure with the least expensive cost of capital. Financing is the lifeblood of business. We provide finance advisory solutions across the corporate value chain to ensure companies thrive, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Deal Sourcing Capital Advisory

Maximizing seller value in mergers & acquisitions

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