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Las Vegas, the hospitality and entertainment capital of the world, draws over 40 million visitors annually. With a thriving tourism and convention industry, this oasis city captures the imaginations of many, including budding entrepreneurs and a wide variety of investors. But with so much opportunity in this city, it’s important to get the right type of support to ensure you make the best business decision.

Our team ensures that it’s never a gamble when it comes to your mergers and acquisitions. With our vast experience, large networks, and battle-hardened specialists, we deliver the highest possible value for the business needs of buyers and sellers throughout Las Vegas. Through our networks, we’ve facilitated billions of dollars of capital raising and buy/sell-side mergers and acquisitions.

As your partner, we’ll work closely with you to reach the next phase of your business lifecycle. Through our management advice, we prepare you to maximize your business value long before you decide to sell. An exit transition is highly complicated and requires years of preparation. We’ll help to ensure you’re prepared for your eventual departure, while offering the type of expertise and support needed to ensure you make the right business decisions every step of the way.

Even if you may not want to sell for many years, early preparation allows you to reap big dividends when that time finally comes. We help you build the stability that business buyers will pay a premium for.

We are also uniquely positioned to help clients looking for investment opportunities in the Las Vegas area. Our large network will help you discover viable business opportunities, putting you one step closer to owning a successful company. Whatever industry you are in – health, real estate, insurance, or construction – we have a network of skilled professionals ready to help you succeed. Our team of capital advisors – each focused on specific market niches – use their first-hand experiences to develop strategies and plans designed to help you transition to that next stage.

It’s never too early to meet with a qualified consultant to discuss investment opportunities or the fate of your business. With proper support, resources, and planning, you’ll put yourself in the best possible position to either find the perfect investment opportunity or create a business primed for a high return. Contact us now to reach one of our Las Vegas M&A advisors, and get started on planning for your future, today.

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Our M&A Process

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  • Strategic Planning

  • Assess Financial Readiness

  • Align M&A Criteria

  • Research Target Industry

  • Target List Building

  • Target Outreach

  • Engage Targets

  • Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Due Diligence

  • Closing

  • Target Integration

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Seasoned business people will rightly know that business transitions involve a whole lot of small but crucial decisions that adversely affect the success. We help you strategically align yourself so as to reap maximum benefits from whatever business decisions you are about to make. As you navigate the financial, tax, legal, and managerial hoops involved, we are there to help you through your journey.

Our job isn’t just to help you complete the transaction: we help you maximize. If it is a sale, we help you create an attractive business structure before using our networks to help you fetch top dollar for your investment. If you are buying a business in Las Vegas’s financial metropolitan, we help you –together with our partners-find the perfect business for you. We assist you to navigate through the legal and tax obligations of the transactions, allowing you to keep as much of the money you make as possible.

If you are looking for an advisory service that leverages you the power of a vast, international network, then Deal Capital is perfect for you. Reach out to us in Las Vegas today.