Vetting and Acquisition of Intellectual Property Assets

IP Acquisitions

We provide expert assistance from start to finish in the vetting and acquisition of intellectual property assets. From due diligence to financing, we work with both buyers and sellers of strategic IP-related assets.

From patents and trademarks to domain names and software code, our asset due diligence and representation goes beyond simple representation. Our IP teams consist of experienced buyers and sellers across the software, technology, life sciences and medical industries.

At our core, we are investment bankers, serving middle market companies in the representation of strategic, valuable assets. Our representation includes those looking to monetize a valuable patent, royalty right or other asset in which a larger strategic buyer may have interest.

We provide solutions for the strategic vetting and purchase of IP assets.

Intellectual Property – or IP – encompasses such properties as trademarks, domain names, copyrights and patents, all of which can be sold or licensed.

As the digital world continues to infiltrate and dominate the business world, intellectual property has become an integral function for most businesses.

At, we have the experience, connections, and specialized expertise to help:

  • Sellers: Broker the sale or licensing of your IP to a buyer of your choice
  • Buyers: We’ll help you buy or license the IP you need

IP Sellers.

While some companies have no need for a specific patent (which renders that patent worthless in their minds) that same patent may have tremendous value in the eyes of another company. A significant obstacle to overcome when selling or licensing a patent is to find the right buyer or license to match your needs.

If you’re looking to sell your patent, we’ll leverage our extensive community of contacts – across a variety of industries and sectors – to target the business willing to pay top dollar.

IP Brokerage Experts

What does it take to successfully broker a patent? It takes a careful combination of marketing, research, and access to qualified contacts.

Our patent brokerage team conducts thorough and exhaustive research on every single patent we sell on a client’s behalf. We then formulate a targeted and encompassing marketing strategy that highlights the applications for the patent, then successfully place that patent or patent portfolio squarely in front of highly motivated, qualified prospective buyers.

We have what it takes to get your patent in front of the right people. We also make it easy for buyers and sellers of IP to find each other, thus minimizing the difficulty typically associated with finding appropriate buyers for intellectual property.

Maintain Anonymity

One of the many advantages of having represent you as a buyer is we are able to represent our clients on a confidential basis.

This is a vital component of IP acquisitions, because the moment it’s discovered that a company is acquiring an IP, chances are the cost will increase.

Confidentiality during an IP acquisition also allows a company from shielding the public from sensitive information early on, such as which areas within product development a company is expanding into.

Do you have patents or IP that you’re looking to sell or license? Our patent brokers will analyze the marketability of your IP and help design the most formidable plan to ensure success.

IP Capital Advisory

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