Indianapolis Mergers & Acquisitions

Deal Capital recognizes that working with others brings greater benefits to our clients. That is why we have partnered with a vast array of players in the industry. We bring to a team of seasoned in-house professionals synergized with strategic invaluable partners to create the perfect service team. If you are a middle of the market company, you will not find anyone better to handle your mergers & acquisitions, sales, and divestiture needs in Indianapolis. For middle of the market firms with EBITDAs of $1million to 20million, we have exactly what you need for your transition requirements.

For experienced businessmen, you understand that creating a business for sale takes years of preparation. We help you start early; walking with you through the process to create that business would have investors interested. And when the time comes, we use our extensive network of partners to help you fetch a good buyer; one that will give you top dollar for your business. Beyond that, we even help you find the perfect exit strategy for your business, helping you with your tax issues in order to maximize on your returns. In short, we help you reap handsomely from the business you have worked so hard to build.

We do the same with buying. Using our extensive knowledge and networks in Indianapolis, we help you secure that business that you will be proud of. Mergers & acquisitions are our specialty too. Our seasoned professional team has many years of experience in handling such. We have handled billions of dollars’ worth of deals, helping many firms successfully transition to the next level of business seamlessly.

Let us work with you in Indianapolis to solve your unique needs. Expect nothing but the best in terms of service, standards, and strategic advice.