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Deal Capital works directly with individual and institutional business owners throughout the entire business divestment and sale process. From growth consulting to final deal closure, Deal Capital acts as a direct partner, helping firms to fully maximize the value of the company and generate the most from the liquidity event. Deal Capital principals hold over 150 years of combined experience and over $1 billion in completed transaction deal flow. Let them help the company become the next M&A success story.

The Deal Capital representatives in Houston, TX aid middle-market entrepreneurs in brokering and selling their businesses at top dollar. Our advisors have worked with mature and long-standing entrepreneurs and business owners to advise in deals across multiple disciplines including construction, services, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing and technology.

Our strategy involves a multi-tiered, confidential approach with each client, allowing for the smooth transition and exit from the business. The advisors at Deal Capital consider a myriad of different facets and techniques in valuation and marketing your company to prospective buyers. We start with a complete business assessment, providing expert consulting on areas where the business could improve before taking the company to market. Professional MBAs, JDs and CFAs with actual hands-on business management experience will help to formulate a plan by which your business can be taken to market with the highest valuation.

Next, the business is assessed from all angles of management including finance, marketing, operations, legal and logistics and the company is prepared for sale. That is, all legal issues are buttoned-up, the company is tweaked to perform at is maximum level and the business marketing materials are drafted and prepared to present the business before various financial and strategic acquirers. Where possible, Deal Capital attempts to spur demand for the business at closing, helping to increase the valuation through a strategic bidding process. In many cases, this helps to boost the final sale value as much as 75%. Once due diligence is complete and the deal has closed, we help to provide expert transition services between sellers and buyers.

Whether you are looking to retire immediately or wish to simply transition into something new, we can help. Even if you may not be intent on selling your company for several years, it is often to start the valuation process as early as possible so that you do not miss a potentially lucrative opportunity if it should surface. We recognize selling a company can sometimes be a challenge. Let one of our representatives work with you to excel at the most important deal of your career.

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Our M&A Process

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  • Strategic Planning

  • Assess Financial Readiness

  • Align M&A Criteria

  • Research Target Industry

  • Target List Building

  • Target Outreach

  • Engage Targets

  • Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Due Diligence

  • Closing

  • Target Integration

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Clients and partners alike benefit from our financial experience. Some of our most beneficial skills are gleaned from years of expertise through working in the trenches. Whether you own your own company or are seeking to invest in local businesses in the Houston area, please reach out to us. Our network can help you in the process. As a premiere investment banking firm, we represent middle-market businesses and business owners in a variety of different industries including healthcare, technology, services, manufacturing, real estate, and construction.

With a network of knowledgeable merger partners across the nation with countless skill-sets, we work to lead our clients to the next exciting phase of life. Our network partners boast over $1 billion in transactions over the past three decades. Consequently, our team is uncanny in getting your business sold for the highest possible payout, giving you and other equity owners the return you desire and for which you have rightfully earned. Our comprehensive M&A process involves a number of key steps as we take you from initial introductions, through due diligence and finally to your liquidity event. While you may not be looking to exit your company for several years, being prepared to sell your business when the time is right is a great help. This means getting in discussions early and often ensures the overall success of your business exit. Please contact our local office today about getting started with the process.