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Our expert M&A experience in the Health & Wellness industry provides best in class strategic investment banking advisory across the diagnostics ecosystem. The health and wellness market is multi-dimensional, changes over time, is most importantly individual but heavily influenced by the environment and community. More and more consumers are gravitating to healthy products and services each year. Many M&A health & wellness research groups predict that this industry will become the next global trillion-dollar industry. With fast pace changes in technology the best M&A teams provide insights and non-transactional value whether your company is looking to raise money in the debt and equity markets or looking to transact by selling your business or acquiring targets for growth.

Our teams leverage their deep industry knowledge, expertise and execution experience in health and wellness to provide an added layer of value to our client teams. Each engagement is different and requires strategic-level support to ensure value to the transactions from start to finish. has direct access to industry best judgement, borne from transaction experience. We assist each of our clients in the vast health & wellness industry which includes fast growing products and services like: fitness and wearable technology, complementary and alternative medicines, wellness tourism, spas, medical tourism, organic beauty products, anti-aging products, vitamins, supplements, health products (blenders, juice extractors, etc.) and workplace wellness.

Some of the clients we serve develop the world’s most leading products with cutting edge ideation and manufacturing. Our senior team of bankers leverage existing relationships, prior industry knowledge and key partners to provide our clients an optimized experience driving value no matter what the need is. From the very start of each engagement our investment bankers provide a standard of care that delivers long-term value while navigating each difficult transaction process. Regardless of whether you are looking to sell your company, recapitalize for stability, or acquire for growth our team has the capability and determination to effectively deliver on every objective. Get in touch with one of our investment bankers today to discuss how we can assist with your company goals.

Healthcare professionals looking to transition out of private practice medicine can find great help by seeking the advise of a qualified M&A specialist. Valuing and marketing your healthcare company can prove difficult, especially when you may have years building a practice and working on relationships with clients and patients. Fortunately, our network of qualified physicians, dentists and other qualified M&A and tax consultants are here to help you in the transition out of your company.

Whether you operate an individual practice, a network of specialty clinics, or a full-service medical facility, we can help you throughout the process. This includes a proper business valuation, legal advise, and finding the right prospective buyer for your company. Because physicians and other healthcare professionals know the rigors of building something from the ground up, it can sometimes be difficult to part with the company you have worked most of your life to build. Fortunately, we work with you to find the right buyer who can transition and take care of your patients long after you have left. Please contact us today for a private and confidential consultation.

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Capital Advisory for Healthcare Information Technology Companies.

Our Medical and Health Care IT team have experience in strategizing trends through broad market variables which has allowed us to cultivate and share high value insight to companies merging healthcare and technology growth. We have been active across the spectrum including hospitals, physicians, employers, consumers, healthcare informatics, pharma, long-term care, services and outsourcing. Team members have worked with Medical Devices, Biopharmaceutical teams, Diagnostics as well as technology and software teams.

Our extensive transaction experience combined with our deep domain expertise and broad range of strategic and financial relationships throughout the globe allows consistent maximization and optimized shareholder outcomes through high value growth in a number of financial technology sub-sectors. bankers disperse learned judgment and strategic insight developed over 50 years of combined experience facilitating primary industry leaders to emerging innovators. We have advised on over 40 transactions totaling over $3 billion in recent years. The Medical and Healthcare IT industry is witnessing foundational change through amalgamation of physicians and health systems alignment strategies.

Operating decisions in this burgeoning industry are complicated and represent a challenge to choosing the best strategic operational maneuvers. Areas which show a high level of complexity are provider performance, population health and value-based contracting. Medical devices and pharmaceutical industries have adapted to disruptive technologies to strengthen the probability of discovery and accelerate regulatory approval.

No matter what sector or technology is at issue works consistently for the best advantage of our clients as their trusted M&A partner and within capital raising considerations. We have consistently maximized value throughout the changing industry landscape.