Digital Signature Software

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Signatures Simplified

Our signing software allows various parties to a transaction to sign documents using digital certificates. Quickly sign multiple documents by selecting input and output directories. As an ideal solution for bulk and batch signing, our product allows for deal makers to complete multiple signatures on numerous documents simultaneously.

In addition, our system produces simple PDF documents from PDF, XML, DOCS, PPTX, DOCX and XPS files. Perhaps most importantly, our digital signature software will run in structured data mode, meaning form fields in the digital file become source fields for populating or updating the CRM. For instance, email, address and phone number data input into the active digital signature file is immediately appended to that specific contact within the CRM. Once the document has been executed, the file is immediately populated into the virtual data room and tied to the individual contact in the CRM. Both administrator and user of the platform have access to the originally-signed document at any time and from any device.

Stamped. Archived.

When a document is executed it is not only digitally stamped, it is archived in the virtual data room in a compliant fashion. Using both public and private keys by a Certification Authority (CA)—and in some cases, blockchain certifications—the owner of the document can be immediately identified. In addition, the file format and authenticity is protected by password on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Time sealing the data helps to prove the when, where and how the documents were received, including protecting copyright, intellectual property and the original integrity of the digital certification. Not only are all documents time stamped according to RFC 3161 and PDF standards, they are also archived according to Regulatory Organization oversight procedures, ensuring FINRA and SEC compliance for future SRO access. Our software complies with the ESIGN Act of 2000 and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA).

A range of electronic authentication methods exist for those providing the digital signature including email, SMS, phone and other digital certificates. Most importantly, our digital signature software integrates seamlessly with our digital platform, data room, CRM, project manager and marketing automation software. Contact us for more information today.

Our custom digital signature software provides an innovative approach to creating digital certificates, digital signatures and time stamping. With an integrated digital signature solution, deal makers are better able to increase the efficiency and speed of large, complex transactions. This results in lower costs, saved time and better overall productivity.