Equity Crowdfunding

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We not only consult on equity crowdfunded projects, we help solve some of the fundamental problems with crowdfund investing.

One of the most significant struggles of any private organization is financing. Financing can not only represent a major investment of time and resources, but it also takes time away from more meaningful activities, like growing the business.¬†Thanks to the crowdfunding tools brought to us by today’s technology, entrepreneurs and business founders are better able to tap the liquidity of large groups of people for private investment. While still only available to private accredited investors, equity crowdfunding will hopefully reach main street investors very soon.

Assisting with Investor Liquidity

One of the biggest barriers to gaining investors’ attention is the lack of liquidity in private deals, especially if your tapping non-accredited investors. The new rules allow for more shareholders in private businesses, but this also presents a problem when investors want to “cash out” before the bell tolls. The JOBS act does allow for the sale of private shares from crowdfunded businesses, but no true solution currently exists for exiting in a timely and ROI-positive manner. That’s where we come in.

We can not only assist in putting together the private offering for your campaign, but we’ll also ensure your business has a clear path toward a liquidity event, like going public or through some type of strategic merger or acquisition. We’re also expert crowdfunding consultants with deep tacit knowledge and connections with a large number of highly qualified and liquid investors looking for a good home for their capital.

We work with both crowdfunding portals as well as entrepreneurs to ensure the best scenario is played out for investors, managers and shareholders. In short, we make sure the process is buttoned up from beginning to end, meaning, businesses get funded and investors maximize their relative ROI. Contact us for more information.