We implement a proven, repeatable process for sell-side mergers & acquisitions.

M&A for Consumer Goods

Mergers & acquisitions for consumer products

Durable consumer goods represent the lions share of American gross domestic product. As a premiere banking firm, we work with the providers of such goods to ensure the sale and corporate divestiture of your company occurs in a seamless manor. Whether you manufacture such goods directly or are a key piece in the supply chain of the U.S. consumer goods market, our network of experienced investment banking professionals can guide you through the process of selling your company for the maximum payout possible.

The best quality capital advisory services involve one part art and two parts science. Our team takes a rigorous approach to each client engagement, ensuring the very best possible outcome.

The nuances incident to selling this type of business are often left un-captured by many a valuation service. Consequently, we look to not only capture your unique piece within your particular industry, but work with you to maximize your liquidity event.

If your company is in the consumer or durable goods market and would like more information about selling your corporation, please reach out to us for an initial consultation.