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Our firm has been involved in the advancement of the sustainable technology sector from the beginning through advising on the best strategies in a number of burgeoning technological areas. We have been actively involved in energy efficiency, renewable energy, storage, smart grid, transportation, waste & water and materials. Our valuable insights have been used by companies globally to gain a competitive edge over these new industries; we understand the complexity of this specialized landscape and its dynamic. has created a broad network of strategic relationships and significant transaction experience across the globe.

25 years of combined experience has created valuable insight in serving a broad range of clients, from industry leaders to next generation innovators. With industry applications varied we have developed many different business service models to allow the fastest market entry for new participants. Information Technology is gaining and adapting at an exponential rate, creating smarter infrastructure and advancing new materials. The trajectory of IT implementation across industries is one of consolidation as industry leaders create value through expansion and through building new platforms.

2014 saw an increased return of private investment in the sustainable technology sectors, creating mature business models and increased customer traction. Japanese expansion through company involvement in the cleantech sector is pronounced as they look to expand global presence. With our cumulative knowledge and experiences across this sector is uniquely positioned to facilitate fast growth and high value services in such cross-border transactions.

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