We implement a proven, repeatable process for sell-side mergers & acquisitions.


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Our expert team provides middle-market M&A expertise and advisory to business entrepreneurs, owners and long-standing business investors looking to sell their portion of ownership. The company and its principles have been in the business of selling profitable, successful companies for over 25 years. Our winning track record includes successful deals done in real estate, manufacturing, logistics, software, computer hardware, consulting, energy, ecommerce and consumer goods. With a regional focus on Chicago-proper and surrounding areas in Illinois, Deal Capital thrives on providing expert investment banking assistance and tacit know-how across the merger and acquisition value-chain. Entrepreneurs who work their entire lives to build businesses which can provide a suitable income for themselves and their families eventually find the need to sell their businesses. Doing so for the maximum payout possible should be the ultimate goal of every successful entrepreneur. While selling out for the greatest return can be difficult in and of itself, there is often an emotional aspect of selling a company which can be even more difficult than it may seem on the surface. Because our management partners and team are represented by a number of entrepreneurs and former businesses owners, we know we can relate with the feelings which can often be readily evident by those wishing to sell their long-held businesses. Consulting with an M&A professional for your mid-market company can often take years as you look for the proper seller at the right price for your business.

The best quality capital advisory services involve one part art and two parts science. Our team takes a rigorous approach to each client engagement, ensuring the very best possible outcome.

As the time for your business sale approaches, it may be wise to reach out to one of our knowledgeable professionals who will assist you in preparing your business for sale. In most transactions, deals are highly-dependent on market and business timing issues. Preparing the company to be listed and pitched early can mean all the difference in the world. It gives the sellers the ability to “strike while the iron is hot,” thus maximizing the liquidity event in the seller’s favor. In sell-side transactions, we utilize an organic network of other M&A shops, private equity groups and private investors to help maximize the value for company owners. In assisting the seller we drive value by seeking strategic acquirers while maintaining client confidentiality and the strictest level of confidentiality.

Larger entities seeking strategic “add-on” companies for a particular portfolio will find our expertise in private equity and private placement a fresh alternative. We provide expert consulting research and outreach to potential acquisition targets in your industry of choice. As a full partner, we work to ensure the acquisition process is not only handled smoothly and professionally, but that each corporate M&A goal set by your business is executed flawlessly. Both strategic buyers and individual business sellers will find our expert ability in “doing deals” refreshing. Our approach to creative capital requisition and capital formation for very tailored, niche industries is unparalleled. If it needs done, we’ve the expertise to take your project to the next level.