Buy-Side M&A

Delivering Preemptive Off-Market Deals

Capital investment in small business is what makes the economy tick. It is also what gives entrepreneurs and small business owners the personal and financial freedom not had in other career paths. Finally, large organizations can work at expanding their reach by purchasing small businesses that help to vertically fit within the strategic structure of their business directives. Here at Deal Capital we work with potential buyers throughout the acquisition process. The process is structured to help buyers explore only the most appropriate candidates that fit strategically individual objectives.

Strategy matters in effective buy-side acquisitions. Our methodology harnesses technology and data tools to reach “not for sale” companies, delivering greater strategic value and more accretive deals.

Buy-Side Process

  • Establish an acquisition plan
  • Assess management readiness
  • Evaluate financial capability
  • Conduct target industry assessment
  • Develop screening criteria
  • Prepare acquirer’s business profile
  • Produce and execute a target marketing plan
  • Create target business profiles of candidates, including valuations
  • Select optimum candidate
  • Present purchase offer to target and negotiate
  • After acceptance, conduct due diligence
  • Close the transaction

Accretive Value

  • Delivers pre-emptive “not for sale” deals where little or no price competition exists.
  • Delivers “not for sale” profitable vs. asset deals i.e. known “for sale”companies – there is a reason they are for sale.
  • Creates positive alternatives for investment by having multiple choices for investment at once vs. one deal at a time.
  • Uses technology to scale human resources in attracting and nurturing deal flow. Proprietary database opens up deal flow.
  • Uses predictive analytics based on past performance and gives trend of what post-close will look like – capable of crunching more deals.
  • Delivers better deals and a faster / compressed time to close.
  • Utilizes team approach and scalable resources to attracting, finding, quantifying, analyzing and executing deals.
  • End result is accretive deal that adds enterprise value on many levels.

When it comes to capital investment in existing and profitable businesses, our network of industry experts can help take your transaction from start to finish. Please contact us today if you are in the market to purchase an existing business.