Biotech Capital Advisory

We provide assistance for taking both early and late stage biotechnology firms public. Not every company is a good fit for a reverse merger. Biotechs are often uniquely positioned for going public with reverse mergers. Here are some reasons why:

  • Most biotech firms possess Intellectual Property and other technical barriers to entry that create a safer market position and investment opportunity
  • Like other technology firms, biotechs can often be run very efficiently by small teams with less-than-normal overhead
  • Large addressable markets and small teams means biotechnology firms often don’t need to go public to raise money, but are looking to fund either growth by acquisition or provide a meaningful, liquid exit for existing investors
  • Spin-outs and split-offs of Intellectual Property from other organizations may provide a unique opportunity to for investors in reverse merger opportunities
  • Biotechs have less likelihood for turnover in the board and at the executive level when the business performs a reverse merger vs. an IPO

Not every startup or even established biotechnology company is a good fit for going public. Let us discuss the pros and cons with you. Get in contact with us today.