Corporate IT Business Divestiture

Selling a Business in Bellevue, WA or any of the other surrounding areas has its upside potential along with its and downside issues. If you are selling an internet or software related business then you have the benefit of a broad number of individuals, corporations, or private equity groups that are potentially interested in acquiring your business.

One major benefit with doing M&A deals with companies in the online retailing industry is that they are widely mobile businesses. For example, if 100% of your customer base is through the internet and orders are placed through your website or through the phone or fax via your website then it really does not matter what state your business is located in. In addition to this, if a qualified buyer of your business is from a different location, it would not be to difficult for that individual to pick up the operations and relocate.

Another benefit to selling an IT or web based business in Bellevue, WA is that there are many skilled and experienced professionals who are interested in exiting the corporate America that so many entrepreneurs are looking to escape. This means that if you have a business model that works, and you are willing to sell it to one of those individuals, then there are a number of people who will join in on a sort of bargaining war designed to drive the value of your business northward.

One last point that I would bring up that is particularly closely related to the last point is that many of the people in Bellevue are highly educated, skilled, intelligent people who have gained an enormous amount of valuable experience working for Micro Soft, Amazon, or one of the other large player in the IT industry. The skills these people have developed have equipped them well for making an acquisition and carrying your business forward after the transaction.

Troy Jenkins
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