We Deliver Results

ReverseMergers.com is part of a large network of attorneys, CPAs, MBAs, Broker-Dealers and other Market Makers. The principals have assisted in taking more than 100 private companies public. Our network of partners provides a host of services for buying, selling and raising capital in the private and public markets. Our network includes expert executive-level attorneys, broker-dealers, CPAs and other finance professionals.


Those looking for particular expertise in reverse mergers using an existing public shell, we can help. Our partner network includes public companies listed on the NASDAQ, AMEX, Pink Sheet OTCMarkets or OTCBB.


We have a uniquely-tailored, highly-structured process performing reverse mergers from private corporations into a public shell corporation. Legal, financial and tax regulatory issues provided by federal and state governing organizations help to make these unique transactions complicated enough for most managers to shy away. Furthermore, public scrutiny against foreign reverse mergers has created an unfortunate stain on the industry.


There are many circumstances that warrant reverse mergers over other funding options, including private equity, investment banking, venture capital and traditional Initial Public Offerings (IPO).