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Venture Capital

An targeted network of venture capital and other institutional investors

Deal Capital works with early, mid and late-stage companies to grow and expand through venture capital financing. Working directly with investment fund management, we help to secure funding for existing businesses and managers with proven track records for success.


When it comes to doing deals, we ensure alignment of goals between the founders and venture capital investors creates a windfall for all involved. Because venture capital investing often involves a great deal of tenacity and risk, we seek entrepreneurs who’ve proven themselves. Since past success is the best barometer for future progress, we like to invest in companies with experienced and successful management.

Ultimately, we and our partnership investment banking and merger & acquisition network don’t invest in companies, we invest in people. We recognize the magic happens with the right people involved. Businesses never last forever, but the relationships forged through working success outlast any investment which could possibly be made. These are the types of relationships and opportunities we strive to cultivate between ourselves, our partners, entrepreneurs and investors.


Savvy investors require several key indicators when seeking out investment opportunities. First, they require a proven model in either a previously successful entrepreneur or a strategic plan that can be easily replicated. That often means processes need to be sustainable and largely scalable. Secondly, most investors like to mitigate risk by investing in areas in which they are familiar. Without the ability to invest in the general market, we advise sticking to the areas of expertise where funding individuals and entities will be able to “walk the walk.” Finally, investors tend to invest in companies in whose managers they trust, admire and respect as proven thought and work leaders in the industry sectors they operate.

We admit, we are obsessed with operating for success and doing things according to a set plan. We are also determined to be the best. If, as an investor or entrepreneur, you feel we can assist you in maximizing your potential, please reach out to us.