At some point in time it becomes right to sell a business. If the business is no longer something that you feel you are able to manage, then it may be time to start looking for a business broker to get it sold into more capable hands.

We are an investment bank firm that works with Vancouver, Washington businesses and others to find parties interested in mergers & acquisitions. These parties are looking to make an investment for themselves by purchasing up the businesses that the owners are no longer interested in owning for themselves. The sellers are those who are looking for a nice payoff for their business. We are in the middle helping to make a connection between the two.

Small business owners need us because it is very unlikely that they are going to know the people to turn to in order to get their business sold. They are more likely to find the right party to make the purchase if they trust us with this service. After all, we have a whole network of interested investors who we communicate with on a regular basis.

We feel that our experience speaks for itself. We have managed to handle over $1 billion in transactions throughout the last 30 years. We have helped both those who are trying to sell a business and those who are looking to become owners in one. By working both sides of the transaction like this, we have gained insights that many others may not have otherwise had.

If you feel that you are interested in selling your business or may be interested at some point in the future, you should contact us. We can go over options and specifics with you as they relate to your business. We feel that you will be pleased with all that we are able to offer to you.